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Young Gun: Erin Dowling, Eleven Business Manager

Eleven business leader Erin Dowling

Our Young Gun Profile examines some of the young talent across Australia’s Advertising, Adtech, Marketing and Media industries. It aims to shed light on the different roles, people and companies in the booming industry.

Today we are chatting with Erin Dowling, Commercial Director of Eleven.

Time in current role / time in the company:
One year, eight months.

How long have you been in the industry?
Six years.

How did you get there Was that still the plan?
College gave me my introduction to communications and advertising, but after watching shows like The Gruen Transfer, I knew it was the industry for me.

By doing an internship very early, I also had a first glimpse of life in an agency and this reaffirmed that I had made the right career choice.

Since then, I have worked in a handful of agencies in Melbourne and a stint in a non-profit organization.

Who is your right arm / who guides you on a daily basis?
I am fortunate to work with a group of excellent PR specialists at Eleven, an agency integrated with TBWA Melbourne. I also work in various disciplines, including creation, strategy and production.

What’s the best thing about the industry you work in?
Creativity. Using creativity to find new ways to solve problems while working with the media on creating news is a really good job.

And the biggest challenge?
Breaking into this industry can be difficult for college graduates – entry-level positions in public relations require a basic level of knowledge. More needs to be done at the university and internship level to ensure that future talent is qualified and has the requisite understanding of industry and the media.

What profession have you chosen for the future?
Our Managing Director Kiefer Casamore – but don’t tell him that.

Where to find inspiration?
I get most of my inspiration from what’s happening in culture and current affairs. I’m a huge fan of podcasts like Shameless and The Daily Aus, while educational podcasts like Stuff You Should Know are great for learning more about new topics.

My favorite ad is:
I love what Netflix has done to kick off the new season of Sex Education. The “National Pleasure Survey” was used on owned, acquired and pay channels. It shows how important integrated campaigns are for fostering conversation and social engagement when launching a new offering.

Tell us something that people at work don’t know about you?
Although I love to cook, I have a habit of burning everything I put in a frying pan – to the point where I always leave a chair under the fire alarm when cooking.

In five years I will be:
I hope to lead my own public relations team as an account manager.

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