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What key creative trends can help you achieve your business goals and why? | Depositphotos | Open mic

If you’re looking for new ways to boost your business, using creative trends as part of your strategy can be a winning solution. In the race for customer attention, brands that manage to stand out, impress and connect emotionally with their audience will have the opportunity to become market leaders.

Whether you choose to create ads with futuristic aesthetics, shape messaging based on trending topics, or run campaigns that induce a strong sense of nostalgia, all of these approaches will bring you closer to achieving your business goals in 2022. and beyond. To discover more insights, tips and ideas on the subject, keep reading this article or join a free and thematic online event by Depositphotos.

Here are the goals you can achieve by using creative trends in your strategy.

Increase brand awareness

Entering a new market or improving your share of an existing market usually starts with building brand awareness. Unless you’re Apple, Google, or Nike, there’s plenty of room to grow. All you have to do is capture your audience’s attention and make an impression with the help of remarkable marketing.

At this point, the power of social media can come in handy. Today, channels like Instagram and Pinterest allow you to reach out and guide potential customers through to decision-making, without nudging them to switch platforms. However, social media speaks in a visual language, and eye-catching, up-to-date images are essential for single posts or entire campaigns.

To increase brand awareness, we advise you to experiment with the metaverse trend. As the boundaries between the real and digital worlds blur, brands have more tools to capture the attention of new audiences and engage with them. Among the most popular are augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies. They allow users to feel more present and interact with a product without leaving the comfort of their own home.

Make sure your designs for AR and VR include plenty of 3D elements and motion graphics. This will make you stand out from the crowd, boost engagement, and increase your chances of going viral with your project.

Increase conversion rates

The higher the brand awareness, the more website visits you will get. However, getting people to click the “go to” button is only half the battle. The biggest challenge is to engage them, convert them and retain them.

According to CrowdRiff Infographic, 63% of users say visuals are more important than product descriptions, and 53% say images are more important than reviews or ratings. This means you can add value to the interaction with your brand by creating authentic, high-quality photographs of your products. Based on this, a consumer will judge the overall quality of a product and decide whether to make a purchase.

To increase conversion rates, we recommend experimenting with the trend “acts of self-love”. In a world where diversity, inclusivity and self-love are priority ideas, sleek studio images no longer wow audiences. On the other hand, people are looking for authentic visuals that show the actual conditions in which a product is used.

Go for simple compositions, minimal (or none) post-production, and natural environments when holding product photo shoots. This type of imagery will allow you to reduce the distance between the audience and the brand, gain more trust and increase conversion rates.

Increase brand loyalty

An essential part of brand growth is increasing the number of loyal customers who continue to buy from you, eagerly try new products, and spread the word about them. To achieve this goal, a company must be consistent in its expectations for product quality, customer experience, and many other aspects.

A dozen years ago, meeting expectations meant ensuring decent product quality. In 2022, that means adapting quickly to challenges, capturing the mood of the public, and continuously improving products and services. Under these conditions, creative trends are a godsend for companies, because they save time and allow them to understand the most relevant themes.

To increase brand loyalty, we recommend experimenting with the “Y2K aesthetic” trend. Being the largest and most creditworthy generations today, Millennials and Gen Z are drawn to the Y2K aesthetic. In recent years, the pandemic and other global challenges have caused a lack of positive emotions and made the general public nostalgic for the past.

As the 2000s were the carefree years for these generations, their aesthetic evokes a high level of confidence. If you are planning to switch brands or start a new project, try adding Y2K vibes to your designs. This way you will show that you are on the same page as your audience. In turn, they will aim to return and engage with your brand more often, seeking to experience comfort in an ever-changing world.

Create a brand community

In recent years, brand communities have often been called the future of marketing. For companies aspiring to leadership positions, it’s a way to achieve multiple goals at the same time, as well as make an impact. By developing a brand community, you can:

  • Increase brand awareness.
  • Boost engagement.
  • Increase confidence.
  • Extend customer retention time.
  • Establish a dialogue with your audience.
  • Strengthen an emotional connection with your customers.
  • Receive new information to improve yourself.
  • Get extra income.

The popularity of brand communities is quite obvious at first sight. In the digital age, the growing sense of loneliness and insecurity drives audiences to find a group of like-minded people to belong to. It’s one of the basic human needs, and today brands have all the resources to help their customers meet it.

To create a brand community, we advise you to experiment with the “science, not fiction” trend. Futuristic themes will be one of the biggest trends in the next few years. As progress and innovation become an integral part of our lives, they inspire us to explore what lies ahead. By choosing this trend as a central theme when designing a brand community experience, you’ll be more likely to spark curiosity and attract a wider audience. We all agree that dark shades, metallic textures, and alien shapes and forms will all be extremely appealing to customers.

A key mistake to avoid

One mistake newbie marketers make is to underestimate the power of visual communication. Since most of the world’s population are visual learners, images on social media, websites, flyers, and other materials help audiences decide whether or not to interact with your brand. Thus, it is crucial to choose the visuals of your campaigns well and to constantly experiment with themes and formats; all in order to find the ones your audience will relate to the most.

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