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Unique Shipping Container Business Ideas You Should Try

Certainly, with the phrase “shipping container” you have associations related to the transportation or storage of goods. But the scope of shipping containers does not stop there. And all because modern containers are subject to particularly high demands. In their production, only the latest technologies and high-strength materials are used. A variety of protective coatings can provide maximum protection and environmental safety. In this article, we will look at the most interesting shipping container business idea to buy shipping containers in Jacksonville.

Top Innovative and Creative Uses of Shipping Containers

There are many ideas for using shipping containers in different business areas. Consider some of them.


Exploration studies and the construction of national economic facilities on difficult soils require immediate testing of the physical and chemical properties of the soil, the level of groundwater, and the atmospheric and climatic characteristics of the region. The problems are solved by setting up a mobile laboratory on the construction site.

It is also relevant for:

  • electrical measurements (or tests);
  • fluoroscopy;
  • beef marking;
  • microbiological analysis in food production;
  • quality control of products by detection of defects by radioisotopes.

The solution to the above problems is obtained by creating a laboratory in the institution. The stationary design is inappropriate due to the short duration of its use. The need for a laboratory disappears immediately after the completion of construction or after any professional event.

It is more rational to arrange a mobile laboratory based on a shipping container. For maximum efficiency in its use, the interior space is equipped with appropriate equipment and devices.

Due to the tightness of the containers, atmospheric precipitation and melt water do not get inside. The possibility of retrofitting with furniture modules provides comfortable conditions for the staff. When processing the box in the laboratory, protection against burglary must take place.

The mobile laboratory has a high turnover rate even with frequent moves.


To sell a lot of goods, it is not necessary to rent a floor in a large shopping center. Strong and reliable, shipping containers can serve as trade pavilions with minimal refitting. A 40ft container store is both well laid out and spacious. It can be used in different ways depending on the task.

Common formats:

1: Shop

Panoramic glazing of the facade.

2: Showroom

The folding section on the side serves as a terrace. Fitting rooms and aesthetic 3D counters are equipped inside. The lighting of the street facade and the information stands on the nearby site work to attract customers.

3: Kiosk

The most economical way. It is enough to drill a window that will serve as a crate. In the “advanced” version, the facade is glazed to give visual access to a large showcase.

Warehouse store

Relevant for the sale of rolled metal products, paint and varnish products and finishing materials (wallpaper, tiles, plasterboard, decorative moldings, etc.).

Shipping container kiosks are extremely popular in Europe. They make the business profitable, as they help to increase sales and reduce the time for their implementation. The popularity of this method of use is explained by the mobility of trading platforms, as well as the possibility of making structural changes to their design.


For professional sports, the usable area of ​​​​the container is not enough for full-fledged training. But for the organization of the gym – enough.

Each simulator weighs a lot. But metal modules are designed for high static loads. Equipment can be placed in a row, and air conditioning can be installed to ensure comfortable conditions during lessons.

With an ergonomic layout, you can also calculate places for shower stalls. If several boxes are purchased under a sales contract, then when combined, the owner will be able to arrange a massage room and a small sauna.

The ingress group of any container has a high degree of intrusion protection. If the owner is worried about the safety of expensive inventory, he can independently install an alarm and tracking system.


The construction of a classic bath with a sauna is very expensive. Meanwhile, in the summer cottages, after a busy working day, you really want to allow yourself to relax in order to regain strength – physical and spiritual.

Sauna in a container is the fastest and cheapest way to provide you and your family with such pleasure. It’s one of the more unusual boxing conversion options, but it’s becoming increasingly popular. Guest house owners also use it. The presence of such a service broadens the audience of customers.

You can make the offer more attractive for tourists with a set of complementary activities:

  1. Decorate the space with clapboards or a blockhouse;
  2. Decorate the walls with thematic images;
  3. Fill booths with appropriate accessories;
  4. It is recommended to decorate the sauna facades of a container with wood, imitating a log building.

recycling point

Using shipping containers as a mobile recycling point does not require additional investment. It will be enough to build several partitions to distinguish the types of materials received. Scales must be installed at the entrance and a place for staff (receivers) must be provided.

No structural change is necessary. But it will be necessary to stock up on bulk containers to weigh and load scrap metal – food packaging, tires, waste paper, plastic containers, tin lids, etc.

This raw material is in great demand by companies specializing in the production of polymer and rubber coatings, eco-wool, as well as goods for the construction industry.

aquaculture farm

Fry rearing is a common activity. The dimensions of a 40ft container will allow pumps and related equipment to be placed inside:

  • compressor;
  • filtration;
  • automatic feeding systems;
  • fish ponds.

Provided all requirements are met, valuable species of fish can be grown on a fish farm. Trout, chum and sturgeon will make your business profitable.

Most often, containers are associated with huge rusty boxes, suitable only for storing machine tools, inventory or building materials. However, these structures are widely used as infrastructure facilities. A large number of shops and seasonal cafes are equipped with containers. They also serve as excellent temporary accommodation for tourists in boarding houses and holiday camps. Pelican Containers is a reliable company to buy new and used containers at good prices.