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Thom Davis to Resign as Commercial Director of IATSE Grips Local 80 – Deadline

Thom Davis, one of IATSE’s longest-serving Hollywood executives, announced on Sunday that he would step down as of December 31 as commercial director of Grips Local 80, a position he has held since 1998.

He made the announcement at the general assembly of the local’s 3,900 members. Davis is also the 2nd International Vice President of IATSE – the fourth leader of the parent union.

A member of IATSE since 1977, Davis became a member of the executive council of Local 80 in 1984, where he served as vice-president from 1992 to 1998. During this time, he was also hired as an organizer for the local. and, in 1998, was elected business manager – the local’s highest ranking officer. Last year in this position, he earned $ 152,048, according to financial statements filed with the Department of Labor.

Davis, who faced several impeachment charges filed by members regarding his performance in office, had become increasingly unpopular with his members, which led to the close ratification last month of the new film deal and IATSE television. Members of five of IATSE’s 13 West Coast studio locals – including Local 80 – voted to reject the contract. Davis was a strong supporter of the contract, but its members voted overwhelmingly against – 1,828 to 788.

Local 80 will hold its next regular election of officers in April, at which time Davis’s permanent successor will be elected.

The Local’s constitution states that “If a position becomes vacant, for any reason, members shall be immediately notified in writing and that a nomination meeting and secret ballot election to fill the vacancy shall be held. at the next regularly scheduled general meeting. members meeting.

The rules and procedures governing such an election, to the extent that they differ from the rules and procedures governing elections held regularly, are determined by the Executive Council and all members in good standing must be informed in writing at least 15 days before the meeting. election by secret ballot. This elected leader remains in office until the next ordinary election.