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The Manifestation Journal supports everything from business goals to mental health

Protest is often dismissed as a “woo-woo” concept. But many successful entrepreneurs and professionals swear by this practice. If you don’t know where to start, The events newspaper can help. Learn about the duo behind this product and how it works in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the company does

Offers a guided journal.

The journal is guided by unconscious therapist Robert Hisee.

Co-founder Ted Lawlor told Small Business Trends, “[It] teaches the user how to manifest their desires and improve their mental health.

Business niche

following a scientific process.

Lawlor explains, “The primary goal of our journal is to use scientific evidence to explain manifestation and show you how to implement specific processes in your daily life.

How the company started

Due to personal experience with the manifestation.

While dealing with depression, Lawlor worked with Hisee and honed his practice of manifesting. Together they created the newspaper.

Biggest win

Share their message.

Lawlor says, “Our biggest win as a company has been appearing on television to share our story and explain our mission to help people across the country understand and implement the protest.

The greatest risk

Order their product in bulk.

As many product-focused companies can attest, ordering your initial product can be stressful. You probably don’t know how many will sell. And bulk purchase is usually necessary.

Lawlor adds, “But they sold out at the pre-order stage in the first few weeks of starting the business.”

Lesson learned

Use influencer marketing.

Lawlor explains, “If I started again, I would start by sending more reviews to celebrities and influencers to promote the product and create a big wave in the market.

“I know because we’ve had great success with our smaller influencer campaigns. But it would have been nice to do it on a larger scale at an earlier stage.

How they would spend an extra $100,000

Extend their reach worldwide.

Lawlor says, “I would set up supply chains internationally (with accompanying marketing) to enable the newspaper to reach people more effectively and efficiently. I would also create an app to spread positive content on a larger scale. »

Business philosophy

Go with the flow.

Lawlor adds, “My business partner and I run the business very spontaneously, with no real plan. We just do what we feel right at the time. And for now it works. »

favorite quote

“Success leaves clues.” -Tony Robbins.

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Image: The Protest Log, Ted Lawlor and Robert Hisee