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THE CNMI Small Business Development Center Network, in conjunction with the Saipan Chamber of Commerce and the Governor’s Council of Economic Advisers, launched the Marianas Business Pride 2022 CNMI Small Business Survey on Tuesday, June 28. The data collected from this anonymous survey will be used to improve resources and support for the small business community in the CNMI.

The Marianas Business Pride 2022 CNMI Small Business Survey will run from June 28 to July 8, a total of 10 days. The SBDCN, CSC and GCEA will organize a Friends of Business Summit focusing on the results of this survey. The summit will include panel discussions, guest speakers and presentations to deepen the conversation on the challenges facing small business owners, identify key issues and create solutions. All small business owners are invited to complete the survey at

“As a member of the GCEA Board, my Small Business Development and Retention Sub-Committee was tasked with contributing to CNMI’s ten-year economic strategic plan. We will work with SBDCN and SCC to host a summit that would include discussions on small business development and retention issues, such as the barriers to starting a business in CNMI and the challenges of operating a business locally,” said Joe Guerrero, president and CEO of SCC. Board member of GCEA.

Guerrero also noted that the SBDCN and the SCC hope to formulate solutions to present to the GCEA for consideration as it drafts its recommendations to the Governor, the CNMI House of Representatives and the CNMI Senate.

“The survey aims to identify the most pressing concerns small businesses have about growing their business and operating in the CNMI, learning from them first-hand is what matters most.” Guerrero added.

Acting Director of the CNMI SBDCN Network, Mercilynn K. Palec, said last January that the Commonwealth had reached a historic milestone when Northern Marianas College was selected as the host of the SBDCN. This opportunity will advance Northern Marianas College’s ability to serve the community by supporting the ability of the small business sector to drive economic growth and foster entrepreneurship in CNMI.

“One of the ideas in our strategic plan is to organize the Friends of Business summit to address the challenges currently facing small business owners in CNMI. We hope to bring together all small business stakeholders, partners and owners to address today’s challenges of starting, running and growing a small business and producing meaningful solutions,” said Palec. “We invite small businesses to complete this survey so we can learn more about the challenges they face at the Friends of Business Summit.”

Guerrero encourages all companies to help by participating in the survey and at the summit. He said: “We need as many businesses as possible to complete our short survey so we can identify and address the issues that matter most to small businesses. CNMI’s small businesses employ thousands of people, so whatever we do to help businesses, we will help many lives. Through the information gathered through the survey, roundtable and summit, our goal is to recommend policies that will have long-term positive effects on businesses and the community. »

For more information, contact CSC Executive Director Lee Tenorio at (670) 234-7150 or email [email protected]

The CNMI Small Business Development Center Network includes the CNMI SBDC Main Center located in Saipan, the Rota SBDC and the Tinian SBDC. CNMI SBDCN is partially funded through a cooperative agreement with the US Small Business Administration and Northern Marianas College.