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school board appoints commercial director for Kashuba district | Local company

WATERTOWN – The Board of Education, at a special meeting on Thursday, September 23, appointed Marie Kashuba as the new business director for Watertown Public Schools. The jury members noted that Ms. Kashuba stood out from the rest of the applicants with her passion, knowledge and enthusiasm for the position. She brings with her a proven track record of success in building strong relationships with various stakeholders involved in the financial aspects of a school district.

His track record and proactive approach to effective communication and high level of professionalism have been particularly noted by his previous employers.

“Ms. Kashuba has demonstrated the energy, initiative and knowledge to lead and successfully manage the many people, processes and protocols involved in the financial service of a school district,” said the Superintendent of Schools, the Dr Alison Villanueva.

“Her attention to detail and high expectations for herself and the school district are clear and I believe her collaborative personality will benefit Watertown Public Schools not only this year but for years to come.”

Ms. Kashuba holds a BA in Economics from the University of Connecticut and an MBA with a concentration in Accounting from the University of New Haven.

Ms. Kashuba has worked as a financial consultant overseeing the budget process in corporate planning, accounting and reporting and has extensive audit experience. Most recently, she served as Interim Business Director in the Seymour School District as a consultant to the Twin Lakes Finance team.

Ms. Kashuba was highly recommended by the Twin Lakes Group. His experience working with Seymour Public Schools, his knowledge of financial systems and the ins and outs of public school funding, as well as his corporate experience were seen as assets for Watertown Public Schools.

The Board of Trustees felt that Ms. Kashuba stands out as a knowledgeable, professional and dedicated individual who firmly believes that working with faculty and staff to meet the needs of students is the primary responsibility of the District.

Ms. Kashuba will officially begin her new role on Monday, October 25.