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Sandia Spends $ 3.9 Billion, Surpasses Small Business Targets

Newswise – ALBUQUERQUE, NM – Supporting a growing workforce and a wide range of businesses, Sandia National Laboratories contributed a record $ 3.9 billion to the economy in fiscal year 2021. This represents approximately $ 139 million over the prior year. Expenses include labor, subcontracts, purchases, and other expenses.

“We are proud of the story these numbers tell,” said Scott Aeilts, associate director of laboratories, referring to the recently released Sandia 2021. Economic impact brochure. “Sandia National Laboratories continues to grow in terms of jobs and spending, and we are committed to working with businesses – especially small businesses – to support national security goals. “

Of all outsourcing-related payments, totaling nearly $ 1.37 billion, more than $ 838 million, or about 61%, went to small businesses. Total subcontracted payments increased $ 37 million more than last year.

Almost 35% of all outsourcing-related payments in fiscal 2021 went to businesses in New Mexico. Sandia also paid the state of New Mexico more than $ 106 million in gross revenue taxes, up nearly $ 9 million from the previous year.

Sandia spent approximately $ 485 million with businesses in New Mexico in fiscal 2021, which ended September 30. This includes $ 9.5 million in procurement purchases and $ 475 million in subcontracts within the state. Of New Mexico’s subcontracts, more than $ 360 million, or about 76%, went to small businesses.

“A variety of small business vendors are critical to the success of Sandia Labs’ national security missions,” said James Peery, director of Labs. “Their skills and hard work combined with ours are a powerful force in bringing cutting-edge technology to market. We are committed to partnering with small businesses and working together to promote innovation, achieve common goals and strengthen local and national economies.

In addition to spending, laboratory employment grew by over 460 jobs in FY2020 and over $ 2.3 billion was spent on labor and non-related payments. outsourcing. Sandia’s total employment across all sites is nearly 15,000 with the largest lab site, located in Albuquerque, employing nearly 12,300.

Sandia awarded the largest subcontract to a small business

Last year, Sandia awarded a IT outsourcing up to $ 700 million over a possible seven-year period at Albuquerque Small Business Encantado Technical Solutions, LLC.

“The subcontract with Encantado is one way for Sandia to demonstrate its commitment to small business,” said Paul Sedillo, program director for small businesses at Sandia. “We are proud of the fluidity of the contract transition. By replacing multiple contracts with just one, IT efficiency has increased across Sandia.

Under the contract, the company provides Sandia’s IT and telecommunications support to all laboratory employees. This includes end-user support and support services, cloud-based solutions, software development, IT infrastructure services, data science and analysis, and automation engineering. The company employs nearly 500 people in New Mexico.

“As a permanent resident of New Mexico, community stewardship is important to me and a core value for Encantado,” said Encantado CEO Rodger Jones. “Encantado promotes and encourages our staff members to participate in local professional and community organizations. Additionally, we take a percentage of our income to fund a local nonprofit, the Encantado Foundation, which supports STEM-based education and other programs across the state. “

The non-profit organization supports the needs of the community, aiming to shape the next generation of leaders and foster learning through programs in the Albuquerque area.

Economic development programs support the commercialization of technologies

Sandia manages economic development programs that combine people, innovations and laboratory facilities to deploy technology in support of Sandia’s mission and create jobs.

In calendar year 2021, Sandia provided $ 2.4 million in technical assistance to 133 small businesses under the program New Mexico Small Business Assistance Program. In addition, Sandia currently has nine active projects in the Gross Revenue for Technology Readiness Initiative, a technology maturation program that helps address a critical stage between technology development and commercialization when many companies need additional funding to prepare products and services for market.

In the last fiscal year, there were 131 newly issued patents for Sandia technologies, 238 patent applications filed and 564 active commercial licenses.

Community engagement supports nonprofits with $ 1.4 million

Sandia’s community engagement teams continued to support K-12 educationAl family success and stability programs to tackle some of the biggest challenges faced in Albuquerque and Livermore. In calendar year 2021, National Technology and Engineering Solutions of Sandia, contributed $ 1.4 million on behalf of Sandia to local communities, including $ 175,000 in the Livermore area.

Sandia employees generously pledged $ 4.7 million through the United Way of Central New Mexico to nonprofits across Albuquerque, Livermore, and the country during the Labs Sandia Gives annual campaign. . An additional $ 85,000 was donated by employees to provide shoes, school supplies and holiday gifts to underserved children.

Sandia has provided virtual STEM programs due to COVID-19 precautions. Family included offers STEAM NIGHTS, Mathematics evening with the family, Children’s day at the labs, Department of Energy Regional Science Bowls, and the NM Electric Car Challenge. STEM in the sun Provided outdoor STEM activities to children participating in programs at the Albuquerque Community Center.

“The past two years have challenged us all due to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic,” said Amy Tapia, community engagement manager. “Sandia employees continue to show up to help our communities and it’s inspiring to witness it. “

Sandia pursues ambitious goals for small businesses

The labs have met and exceeded small business goals for five consecutive years. Sandia is already on track to meet all of the targets set for FY2022. Labs focus on working with small businesses that fall under federal categories as disadvantaged, female-owned, veteran-owned small businesses , owned by disabled veterans and poor small businesses. , HUBZone zones.

“Sandia National Laboratories is committed to supporting small businesses and our teams are always thinking about new, creative ways to connect,” said Sedillo. “The past two years have been particularly difficult for many businesses during the pandemic, and we are doing what we can to ease the financial burden. “

Sandia teams seek out small businesses in a variety of ways. During fiscal year 2021, the laboratories hosted four virtual forums consulted by 1,800 suppliers. Through various efforts, Sandia worked with 500 small businesses in fiscal 2021 that had not supported labs before.

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