Business manager

R. Kelly’s ex-girlfriend says singer’s business manager told her ‘they should have walled me off’

CHICAGO — Six years after R. Kelly’s girlfriend took an illicit tape from the singer’s collection, Kelly’s business manager told her that “they should have sullied me from the start,” the woman said Thursday .

When asked what she thought that meant, the woman replied through tears, “kill me.”

Lisa Van Allen — Kelly’s former girlfriend who spoke at length on the ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ documentary series — testified for hours Thursday about her relationship with the singer and why she took the tape which, he said, – she said, showed her and Kelly having sex with her 14-year-old goddaughter.

The threat came from Derrel McDavid, Kelly’s former business manager and one of his two co-defendants, after Van Allen and another man returned the tape to the singer in 2007, six years after Van Allen l was taken from Kelly’s recording studio, she said.

Van Allen also testified at Kelly’s trial in 2008. She told jurors in that case that she was 17 when she met Kelly in 1998. On Thursday, however, she admitted she was actually 18 at the time.

Van Allen told jurors that after she and Kelly started dating, Kelly brought the underage girl into their sex life, claiming she was his 16-year-old neighbor. On three occasions, Van Allen, Kelly, and the miner engaged in threesomes, which Kelly recorded. During the second threesome, Van Allen started crying because “I didn’t want to do it,” she said.

In 2000, during the third line, the three were interrupted by several Kelly employees, Van Allen said. Kelly then told the underage girl – referred to in court as “Jane” – to run into the bathroom and hide. Van Allen said she later became very upset after learning the girl was under 16.

That same year, Van Allen said, she found herself alone in Kelly’s recording studio where he stored his homemade sex tapes. She said she then played several on a VCR looking for a tape that had footage of her having sex with Kelly. She eventually found one that contained three different scenes: a trio of Van Allen, Kelly, and “Jane,” and two more scenes of Kelly engaging in sex acts with only “Jane.”

“I didn’t want him to watch the tape,” Van Allen said of Kelly.

Van Allen took this tape and mailed it to a friend of his, Keith Murrell, in Kansas City.

Beau Brindley, McDavid’s lead defense attorney, pressed Van Allen on the inconsistencies between her testimony Thursday and other sworn statements she had previously given. Brindley pointed to Van Allen’s 2008 trial testimony in which she said, “I’ve never seen a tape with just Robert and ‘Jane’.”

Brindley also pointed out that although Van Allen said she took the tape from Kelly to prevent him from watching it, she said she decided to return the tape to him six years later after learning that Kelly would pay $250,000 for her comeback.

Van Allen’s testimony came on the ninth day of Kelly’s trial. Prosecutors said Thursday they would wrap up their case by the end of next week, and then each defendant will present their chief case.

A federal grand jury in Chicago charged Kelly, 55, on 13 counts in July 2019, accusing him of producing and receiving child pornography, while also inciting minors to engage in illegal sexual activity. Earlier this year, Kelly was sentenced to 30 years in prison by a federal judge in Brooklyn after being found guilty of racketeering.

McDavid Milton Brown, Kelly’s two co-defendants and two of the singer’s former employees, are charged with one count of conspiracy to receive child pornography, while McDavid also faces two counts of receiving child pornography and a count of conspiracy to obstruct justice.

Prosecutors allege Kelly and those around him have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years to track down videotapes Kelly made that allegedly show him engaging in sexual activity with underage victims.