Business goals

Personal and business goals – The Citizen

By Azim Jamal

The best way to start setting personal goals for 2022 is to write your epitaph and obituary.

What would you like:

– to tell your Creator about your life making you feel like your life was a Wow

– your family, your friends, the actors of the company and the people who crossed your path to talk about you

In other words, start with the end of all endings first, then line up all of your other goals with those goals!

Then you write down your goals in six areas of your life (work, finance, lifelong learning, finance, health, spirituality) for:


– 5 years

– 1 year

– 90 days

All of the above should be written in such a way that if you reach them that would be a Wow to you !!

The best way to plan business goals is to look at 12 potential areas of potential positive disruption:

1. How leaders at all levels of the business set goals aligned with the overall goals and purpose of the organization. It requires clarity, a burning desire and valuing the obstacles and obstacles along the way. This is followed by a clear roadmap including regular feedback and accountability.

2. How you become more engaging, empowering and energizing. A positive disruption here requires moving from the status of transactional leader to that of transformational leader.

3. How each leader harnesses their enormous potential and inspires others to harness theirs. It creates awareness that neither you nor your teams are reaching your full potential. The disruption here involves a vigilant effort to combat the status quo.

4. How you challenge yourself to create more value, connection and impact on your internal and external customers. This disruption requires genuine attention, extra effort, and the sharing of ideas and wisdom that enables your customers to grow and profit.

5. How you and yourself manage your time to become more efficient and effective. This disruption is more than just time management. This includes managing your emotions and your energy.

6. How do you find a deeper and lasting sense of achievement. Imbalanced goals can provide temporary satisfaction; however, a deeper and lasting sense of achievement comes from a larger set of holistic goals.

7. How to become a powerful and positive force for change. Disrupting the flow here means your troops realize and firmly believe that change is good for them.

8. How you are able to lead with your head and your heart. Leading with your head helps the logical part of people. A positive disruption enhances leadership with the heart by showing empathy, compassion, and caring, which in turn inspires loyalty, relationship, and trust.

9. How you create an enabling environment. You want to leverage the energy and knowledge of your team, so return the favor by creating a positive environment, and your employees will strive and thrive.

10. How you create a culture of giving that creates abundance all around. A positive disruption makes you understand the paradox of giving in business: the more value you create for others, the more value they create for you.

11. How do you marry your IQ, QE and QS. The IQ shows that you are smart, intelligent, and witty. EQ (emotional quotient) helps you build connection, rapport, trust. And the SQ (Spiritual Quotient) inspires, uplifts, energizes.

12. How to turn a negative ego into positive pride. Negative ego involves being self-centered and can give you short term results. But in the long run, you will find that you are losing good people and your morale is low.

Set a goal for 2022 to positively disrupt your organization and create a competitive advantage.

Good year!