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Pequea Valley entrepreneur tries to get needed tax hike ‘as low as possible’ | Community News

When: Pequea Valley School Board meeting, in person and via Zoom, May 3.

What happened: The board approved the draft budget for the 2022-23 school year with expenditures amounting to $45.7 million. This is a 6% increase over current year expenditures of $43.1 million. To balance the budget, a tax increase of 2.67% is currently proposed.

Background: The district is entitled to a maximum tax increase of 3.4% under the state’s Act 1 index. The current tax rate is 15.2933 thousandths. With a 2.67% increase, the new rate would be 15.7106 mils.

why it matters: The budget is available for public review and comment before final adoption in June. Changes to the budget can still be made before final adoption.

Quotable“I’m working to keep it (the tax increase) as low as possible,” said commercial director John Bowden.

The cost: For owners of a property assessed at an average value of $253,171, the increase to 15.7106 mills would result in an annual increase of $103.

Other events: The council discussed procedures for filling the vacancy created by the resignation of council member Jane Horst last month. Four residents have submitted their names for consideration so far, and more may still do so until the next board meeting on May 12. Horst represented Paradise Township, so applicants must also be residents of Paradise Township. Board members Michael Hartmann and Steven Temple also represent this region. They will interview candidates and make a recommendation to the board in June.