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“This administration must stop creating new positions or job titles,” Montoursville area school board member Ron Snell argued as the board was set to vote on adding the assistant business manager position to district employees.

“Just like a district our size doesn’t need an assistant superintendent, neither does it need an assistant business manager,” he added.

Snell argued that the business office worker who was to take on the new position had done her job “exceptionally good” who he felt deserved a merit increase or bonus.

“You’re not creating another job title that will equate to an increase of more than $8,000 in total, when PSERs and Social Security are factored in,” Snell said.

He went on to quote a conversation he had with District Business Manager Brandy Smith about ways to reduce the District’s budget deficit.

“She told me that she saw the only way to reduce the deficit is to cut programs and/or positions”, Snell said.

“She said if I could think of another way to reduce the deficit, let her know,” he said. “I’m letting him know now – not adding this position/job title is a start.”

Following Snell’s remarks, the board voted to create the position of assistant business manager and to move Jessica Reich to that position with a prorated salary of $53,000 for the remainder of the current school year with no pay raise for the 2022-23 school year. .

Regarding the budget for the upcoming fiscal year, Smith said the board will not be voting on a draft budget at this time.

“We do not approve of a preliminary. We are not ready to, Smith said. She added that the district had just received contracts with the intermediate unit and that corrections needed to be made before proceeding with the budget process. The final budget is expected to be approved at the June 14 board meeting.

Smith also said the district received its Homestead/Farmstead allowance with an increase for qualifying properties. Owners who had received $134 will now receive $170.

More than 1,300 residences in the borough are eligible for the credit.

In other matters, the board has approved summer school programs for high school that will run for six weeks from June 13 to July 29. Two enrichment courses are offered at a cost of $200 per course. The 2021-2022 Summer Skills Program for Tier II/Tier III students in Kindergarten through Grade 7 was also approved by the board.

The purchase and installation of new playground equipment at Lyter Elementary School has been approved by the board. The equipment will be purchased from Ely Associates at a cost of $141,121. It was announced that a private donor has pledged to match money for every dollar raised by the PTO for the playground upgrade.

Under staff, the board approved the following professional staff for 2022-23 at the stated rate of pay: Kiersha Whitehead, special education, $79,146; Stephanie Matlack, special education, $60,304; Erick Edler, secondary school counselor, $79,146; Faith Dunkleberger, reading specialist, $52,600; and Megan Daily, science, $50,200.

They accepted Nathan Kimble’s resignation as head cross country coach and hired Aaron Runkle to replace Kimble at a rate of $3,000.

Other approved staff items were: Substitute Teacher Roster: Kiley Nierzwicki, Teara Brezan, Melissa Walburn; support staff: Lauren Guinter, orderly, $14.25 per hour and Douglas Sauter, janitor; list of visiting professors: Ryan Bastian, Jordana Wagner, Robert Lynn Jr.; Alternate Support Staff: Karent McCourt, Alternate Secretary.

The next council meeting will be at 7:00 p.m. on May 24 at Montoursville Area High School, 700 Mulberry Street.

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