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Mississauga recognizes 12 young entrepreneurs for their innovative business ideas

The city of Mississauga rewards 12 young entrepreneurs for their “innovative business ideas”.

Entrepreneurs received the maximum allowable grant of $3,000 through the 2021 Summer Company program, which is offered by the Government of Ontario and administered and delivered by the Mississauga Business Entrepreneur Center (MBEC) within the office economic development of the city.

Successful applicants receive $1,500 to start their business at the start of the program in May, and an additional $1,500 at the end of September, if they have met all program requirements.

“Mississauga youth have demonstrated exceptional potential with their ideas and applications for the 2021 Summer Company program,” Mayor Bonnie Crombie said in a statement.

“It’s great to see innovation combined with drive and business vision. I encourage young people in Mississauga to consider this valuable program in the future as a learning opportunity that can help them embark on their entrepreneurial dreams. Mississauga is a city that welcomes entrepreneurs and supports businesses of all sizes in their development and growth.

The program provides young people aged 15 to 29 who want to start and operate a new business with free training, mentorship and support provided by the City’s MBEC team to develop and launch a new business during the summer months.


Ana Glavic

Ana’s Craft Shop has created over 20 new 3D pop cards, including a design for the city of Mississauga. She will continue to run her business and expand her portfolio.

Andrew Chao

ShaoBotics is a coding and robotics program for young people, which started as part of the Mississauga Summer Company Program. Shao strives to introduce robotics and computing to younger people.

Dharmayu Desai

Desai Digital helps small businesses with their digital presence and focuses on providing design services to revamp a company’s online presence.

justin jason

Jasion started Atlas Painting and credits the program with helping him develop his business and entrepreneurial skills. “The quality of mentoring and planning was amazing,” he said.

Gabriel Vera

Vera launched Easy Lawn Care Solutions, the program helping her find new clients, research leads and learn sales tips now.

Stacianna Ellis

Lavi$h Bodie$ offers streetwear at an affordable price for all body types. When Ellis opened her online store, she says it wasn’t very successful, but the program helped her sell most items by the end of the summer.

Justin Dulat

Justin’s piano studio has over 20 students and he is very happy to have had the opportunity to participate in the Summer Company program.

Ali Haider

DigiLions Inc helps people improve their online presence. Haider says the program has allowed him to create a solid foundation for his business.

Qaim Khalid

Khalid is the founder of QK car detailing. He has detailed over 20 cars this summer and has built strong business relationships.

Alexander Barnes

Barnes founded Buddha Bikes & Components and said the program’s mentors helped him exceed his sales goals for two months out of the three months of the program.

Callum Duncan

YuGro aims to take the stress out of building your garden with Duncan providing raised beds made of wood and filled with ‘premium quality’ soil to grow more productive crops.

Jonathan Wits

Wits credits the program with helping him grow Lawn Care Company by developing his customer service skills.