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Inspired Made In Clovis spots and clever business ideas

Photo courtesy of Clovis Chamber of Commerce

Made In Clovis, which is only in its second edition, is an event that celebrates creativity. This showcase allows aspiring entrepreneurs to communicate their ideas to the public from all kinds of backgrounds, including artisans, food artisans, artists and students, to name a few.

Made In Clovis is an event that takes place at Clovis Fest in Old Town Clovis on September 24-25. This section of Clovis Fest, sponsored by the City of Clovis, helps entrepreneurs showcase designs, talent, and new businesses at a very low cost. Instead of signing up to become a regular vendor at Clovis Fest, these newcomers to the business learn the ropes of opening a booth at a festival and have the opportunity to show their product to an audience. live.

According to Clovis Chamber of Commerce Director of Operations Priscilla Montell, tycoons and their side businesses are encouraged to showcase their merchandise, games or other products to the public with the Made In Clovis event as a backdrop. In order to create a locally anchored clientele, Made In Clovis becomes a space for booting and showcasing talent for any type of business.

“We wanted to partner with the city and try to work with people who were one day wondering, ‘How do I get my store, or my boutique, or my idea, my creativity, my startup business, from my garage to a brick and mortar’, because ultimately that’s what we’d like to see. Montell mentions that the greatest successes of the Made In Clovis event come from individuals who end up owning successful and successful stores and businesses.

Creative booths are encouraged and the more a booth can stand out, the more spectators it usually welcomes. Booths that stood out last year included a card game booth and a vinyl cup booth. These stands stood out for their individuality not only in product, but also in presentation and execution.

An important distinction between Made In Clovis and Clovis Fest booths is that Made In Clovis booths are new and unestablished. This is identified during the judging process when booths are reviewed by the City and Chamber of Commerce. These groups ensure that places are granted to candidates who are new to their company.

Children ages 6-17 are also welcome to apply for the Fresno-Clovis Business Fair hosted by Mykel Suntrapak. The biggest difference between this event and the Made in Clovis event is the age requirement according to Suntrapak. Kids can do whatever they want, including cooking, carpentry or even sewing. “There’s a lot more learning involved in the kids’ part, we support them through the process of building a business.”

All newcomers are welcome to apply for the Made In Clovis event, not just Clovis residents. “We would like to celebrate the creativity that is [also] in the Fresno area… We don’t want to exclude any of the surrounding areas of the Central Valley.

Applications are open and can be viewed on the Chamber of Commerce website. Clovis Fest runs from September 24 to September 25 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Made In Clovis appears to be open both days during the same time frame.