Business goals

How to set SMART business goals, objectives and key results

At the start of each new fiscal year and calendar year, I like to create a list of business goals. I summarize these goals and write them on my whiteboard.

How to build self-confidence with goal settings

When you set goals for yourself and tick them off as you reach them, you will develop your self-confidence. You can divide your goals into smaller tasks and check them every day and every week. You can use your analytics to measure your effectiveness with your target audience.

How to set business goals, objectives and key results

Remember that a SMART goal has the following characteristics: specific, measurable, achievable (or attainable), relevant and time bound.

You might like to watch this TED talk by John Doerr on Why the Secret to Success is Setting the Right Goals. It focuses on goals and key results to create a successful goal setting system.

To make this a fun exercise, I like to put on some upbeat music and brainstorm on a poster-sized piece of white cardboard. You can use colored markers. Drawing and pictures are optional.

Freelance writing goals

For the next six months, as a freelance writer: I enjoy writing about some of the companies I would like to write about, the topics I would like to cover, and my list of products to review.

For example, I’d like to work with some of these tech companies: Alienware, Audio-Technica, Beats by Dre, Canon, HP, HyperX, Intel, Polaroid, Jabra, Lavazza, Leica, Nikon, Nintendo, PlayStation, Razor, and Sonos.

I have a primary personal goal to focus more on photography, games, marketing, and apps. Next, I have a list of products that I haven’t reviewed for Women Love Tech yet but would like. These tech products include a new fitness tracker, gaming or laptop computer, webcam, green screen, Govee lights, toy cameras, blender, juicer, air fryer, juicer, bread, a jaffle machine, a sandwich press, a flow platform and a sewing machine.

Next, I’ll write a writing goal of the number of articles I would like to write per month, based on the number of articles I have written in the previous months. It is important to make sure that my writing goals are realistic and achievable.

It’s important to remember that I have to write articles for the website’s target audience, which Google Analytics says is interested in beauty, fashion, style, trends, apps, news and more. again.

Companies will send out interesting press releases. I will discover some intriguing products on my social media accounts, including Instagram and TikTok. Therefore, I need to be flexible in my overall content strategy.

Keiana Cave talks about the art of setting goals as part of dreaming big. She suggests that sometimes you have to be unrealistic in order to change the world.

At least once a month I have a feeling of impostor syndrome, but by focusing on my goals I am able to break down important tasks and make them more manageable and achievable.

Have you defined your SMART goals, objectives and key results for the next 6 months?