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Going Global: Businesses Managing the Impact of the Pandemic on International Business Goals

About a quarter of Hyland Software’s customer base exists outside of the United States, with the content service provider offering the same go-to-market offerings internationally as in the United States.

“Operations are represented across all functions of a business: sales, marketing and customer service,” said Ed McQuiston, executive vice president and chief commercial officer at Hyland. “We also have people (overseas) doing R&D and technical support, as well as HR and back office operations. “

For Hyland and other mid-market companies in Northeast Ohio, the economic climate linked to the continued fallout from COVID-19 is creating new challenges for international growth. Companies are delaying expansion plans, while embracing a remote global workforce model that had already gained traction before the pandemic.

As the virus crisis recedes in parts of the world, local midsize businesses are once again casting their eyes abroad, even as they have adapted during the pandemic to new ways of doing business. business beyond US borders.

Park Place Technologies, a data center hardware maintenance company in Mayfield Heights, postponed opening a new sales arm in India earlier this year due to that country’s struggles with COVID-19.

“We had hired people, we had set up an office and training, and we had to cancel all of those plans,” said President and CEO Chris Adams. “Now we are training remotely until our employees can come back. But it affects the office there, because it’s a remote location that we just created. You want people in an environment with focused training. It is certainly an example of how the pandemic has impacted our success. “

International revenues come from both maintenance contracts and the sale of network equipment, refurbished servers and other hardware. Of the company’s 2,300 employees, between 600 and 750 are located abroad.

The company, which doubled in size in November 2020 with the acquisition of data center equipment supplier Curvature Inc., has physical locations and engineering teams in Europe, Asia and South America. . As some employees in these areas span multiple countries, travel restrictions have necessitated further changes when providing premium customer service.

Adams said, “We had a business continuity planning team that kept track of all of our locations around the world and the corresponding restrictions. There were even a few locations where the environment was locked down without any non-essential movement. In these cases, we have advised clients that our support should be a combination of remote / best efforts until conditions change. “