Business goals

Get help setting smart business goals for 2022

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee (WVLT) – Free help is available for budding entrepreneurs via a workshop on January 20 at 6:00 p.m.

The Roots Collective of the Shora Foundation The space at 2425 Martin Luther King Junior Avenue is hosting this first in a series of 2022 monthly workshops. January’s Topic is Smart Goal Setting.

Shora Foundation Founder Tanika Harper said: “It’s really hard for entrepreneurs to be successful all year round if they don’t know where they’re headed. You need to set goals, review them, and follow them to see if your business is on track and on track to meet the 2022 goals you’ve set. It is therefore very important that entrepreneurs start the year with a vision and setting goals.

Harper said future workshops will include topics such as planning for business tax payments, obtaining credit and managing cash flow.

The workshops are located in the newly renovated space in fall 2021, where a few occupants are currently using the workspace. Following the spaces are available, from a private office that rents for $ 550 per month to shared office access for $ 250 per month.

Harper said, “We want this place to be like an incubator. A business incubator, that intermediate stage where people grow up outside of their homes, but they’re not quite ready to be alone in a commercial space. We therefore provide a shared space which helps alleviate the burden of overhead costs.

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