Business ideas

Find the business of your dreams: ideas to inspire you

Starting a business takes, above all else, a good idea.

Inspiration is everywhere, all around us, just waiting to be articulated. Sometimes that inspiration comes from looking at existing businesses and thinking about how they succeeded where others might have failed. New entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs can learn a lot from other businesses, especially those that have identified a unique need and filled it with an innovative product or smart service.

If you need some serious inspiration for your business ideas, check out these stories. They profile companies in industries ranging from food and travel to art and music, and everything in between. You might even find some thinking outside the box, just the way you need to think to build a truly successful business.

Gift companies

When you’re looking for holiday gifts for your clients and colleagues, looking for the perfect birthday present for your boss, or just looking for some business inspiration, here are five companies with unique business models that can help. From mobile gift cards to personalized treats, these companies are putting a whole new spin on gift giving.

food trucks

Now more than ever, the best food often comes from tiny carts, stands and trucks. These 10 food trucks from across the country serve more than just mobile meals — entrepreneurs can learn a lot from their creativity and innovation, too.

Companies for children

These companies don’t just give kids and young adults something fun to do after school or when school is out for the summer. They also help them learn valuable skills, develop their creativity, improve their health and continue their education in other ways, which also makes happy parents everywhere.

Cannabis companies

The legal cannabis industry is growing rapidly as more states pass medicinal and recreational cannabis laws. An industry research group predicts that cannabis will be worth over $20 billion in less than 5 years, which means now is the time to enter the ground floor of this fledgling business.

Back-to-school businesses

Back to school isn’t always easy, but there are plenty of companies that can help make the start of a new school year a whole lot less stressful for students, parents, and teachers.

Artistic enterprises

From facilitating new ways to display artwork in your home or office to giving artists new mediums to showcase and sell their work, these companies are putting “art” in the ” start-up “.

All-Natural Businesses

Whether you’re looking for products or want to start a business that’s back to basics, you need to check out these inspiring all-natural businesses.

music companies

Beyond record labels, major streaming services, gear retailers, and music venues, there are many ways business and music intersect, and these music companies are truly game changers.

Sports companies

From virtual reality sports platforms and game footage analysis to family-friendly youth sports programs, these six companies are bringing a whole new twist to sports, helping coaches, athletes and families do what they like.

Vegan companies

Luckily for all vegans, more and more stores and brands are dedicated to this animal-friendly and eco-friendly lifestyle, covering everything from food and cosmetics to clothing and accessories.

Green businesses

While many organizations are doing their part by increasing recycling efforts, sourcing local materials and using energy-efficient equipment, some have taken their eco-friendly efforts to the next level by basing all of their business models on these principles.

Travel companies

Ready to use some of your hard-earned vacation? Don’t book your flight right away. Check out these cool travel companies first to make your next vacation even less stressful and more memorable!

From preparations for the afterlife to unique burial methods and memorials, there are more death-related businesses than you might think, including these seven totally deadly businesses that will probably give you the heebie- jeebies.

“Disgusting” companies

Successful companies all have one thing in common: they solve a problem for their customers. But some problems are less pleasant than others, and some are downright disgusting.

Culinary businesses

From the weird (bacon-flavored wraps) to the inspiring (a food truck giving back to the community), here are seven unique food and beverage companies you probably didn’t know existed.

Disruptive companies

These breakup-inspired companies know what it’s like to get dumped and take advantage of it. But don’t worry, unlike your ex, he doesn’t really take advantage of you.

Animal businesses

Whether they’re using a creature’s natural behaviors or pampering your pet to the max, these 10 companies have your four-legged friends in mind.

Halloween businesses

While most companies simply run Halloween-themed promotions in October, these eight startups have built their business entirely on the spirits season.

wedding companies

Your wedding day should be perfect and these services are here to help. To make sure your big day goes off without a hitch, check out these companies dedicated to helping couples like you plan the best day of their lives.

Yoga companies

Staying fit and relaxing are rarely the same thing. One conjures up images of ironing, the other of lying on the couch. But yoga harnesses the best of fitness and relaxation to give you a mind, body, and spiritual experience that rejuvenates and strengthens. These companies help support these goals.

3D printing companies

What once looked like a futuristic high-tech device is now a reality; 3D printers are taking the world by storm and allowing users to create real, physical objects from nothing more than a computer representation. These companies have harnessed the power of the 3D printer to create some truly amazing businesses.

“Sexy” companies

What makes a better business model than indulging in one of the world’s oldest hobbies? Sex is more than instinct and reproduction for these companies; it’s their business, and business is booming.

Game companies

Do you like games? These startups aim for the top when it comes to video games. Find out what these six companies are working on that could literally be a game-changer.

Socially responsible companies

Are you passionate about social justice AND looking to start your own business? Here are some examples of socially responsible businesses that not only generate profits, but also give back to the communities around them.

Non-profit organizations

Most businesses are for-profit businesses, but there are also a ton of much-needed services offered by non-profit organizations. Often these seek to support a community or other social projects, but each is unique in its own way. Take inspiration from these inspiring organizations.

Delivery companies

Are you a proud couch potato? If you don’t want to do big jobs, you must have these unique delivery services in your life. Don’t worry, you’ll just have to get up to answer the door!

beauty professions

If beauty and cosmetics are your thing, then look no further! These companies have found creative ways to make beauty a booming business; you can too, with the right mix of inspiration, creativity and style.

fitness companies

If you are a health and fitness enthusiast, these companies are for you. These companies have found innovative ways to approach fitness, spreading health and general well-being among their customers. How to stay fit and enjoy? Let’s find out. (

Fashion companies

If you have a sense of fashion and a spirit of innovation, you will fit right in with these entrepreneurs. Let’s take a look at some of the companies disrupting the fashion industry and find out what it takes to launch a successful game-changing startup.