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Examples of Food Business Ideas

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So, you’ve decided to start a food business, but how do you stand out? What are successful food companies doing to put themselves one or two above their competitors? As you start your food business, be sure to incorporate lessons from these businesses to ensure your food business idea is a success.


Here are 10 food business ideas and examples of successful businesses:

1. Bakery

Do you like pastry? Llinos Woods started this business because of his love of baking and it is now a successful and thriving bakery. Here’s an example of his business in action and what you can learn from it:

How this bakery company did it:

Company Name : Pretty London Cakes


Creation date : 2009

About the company:

Pretty Cakes of London has fabulous party cakes, gorgeous wedding cakes and gorgeous cupcakes and cookies. This bakery specializes in edible artwork and caters for everything from children’s parties to lavish weddings.

Innovative commercial offer

In addition to a comprehensive website and beautiful pictures, so that customers can clearly see what they are ordering or get an idea of ​​what this bakery offers, they also give an estimate of the serving size for each of their cakes, so customers can buy exactly the right size for their function.

2. Catering

Do you enjoy throwing parties and cooking for your friends and family? If you are a skilled cook, you could sell your delicious creations. Here is an example of a working business you can learn from:

Company Name : From mouth to ear


Creation date : 1993

About the company:

By Word Of Mouth is a catering company that offers unique designer menus of superb food selections and tastes. They also have a full event management offering, including event design, floral design, rental and decoration, beverage, reception management, and wait staff.

Innovative commercial offer

This innovative catering company has built a reputation that lives up to its name. They aimed to put on the most talked about and polished events and parties in South Africa and they have achieved their goal and continue to excel.

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3. Food truck

If you want to open a restaurant without the overhead or test your concoctions on the public before opening a brick and mortar business, then you might be looking for a food truck. Here is an example of a working business you can learn from:

Company Name : Cinnamon snail


Creation date : 2010

About the company:

This food truck business has been around for 9 years and already has two restaurants in addition to being a beloved brand in the areas where it operates.

Innovative commercial offer

This is a vegan company whose goal is to “destroy people’s expectations of vegan cooking”. They focused on specializing in vegan cuisine and became specialists and innovators in this field.

Chef Adam Sobel is the founder of this unique idea and serves up delicious sandwiches, burgers, bowls and a selection of over 30 different vegan donuts and pastries every day.

4. Spice processing

Spices are essential for creating interesting and flavorful taste combinations. If you understand how different spices work and which enhance different dishes, this could be a business opportunity for you. Here is an example of a working business you can learn from:

Company Name : African spice


Creation date : 1996

About the company:

Africa Spice imports, blends and packs spices from all over the world. They focus on premium and pure natural spices, while delivering consistently high quality products.

They supply products to the largest independent and franchised butchers in South Africa.

Innovative commercial offer

To make sure they differentiate themselves from their competition, they also offer their customers custom spice blends. This allows them to offer unique flavor profiles that meet the demands of their customers.

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They also offer an innovative range of sauces, marinades and condiments.

5. Homemade meals

If you’re good at cooking bulk foods and making foods that freeze well, you can sell home-prepared meals. Here is an example of a working business you can learn from:

Company Name : Ginger Apple


Creation date : 2012

About the company:

Ginger Apple offers homemade meals with personal ingredients and will meet many dietary requirements. They deliver fresh ingredients and perfect pairings for their home cooked and delivered meals.

Innovative commercial offer

They have differentiated themselves by expanding their offering to include freeze order diet solutions, culinary advice to other restaurants and chefs, and their own restaurant in Pretoria-East.

6. Cooking class

Do you like to cook? Do you also enjoy teaching others to cook? Why not turn your passion into a profitable business opportunity. Here is an example of a working business you can learn from:

Company Name : Taste buds


Creation date :

About the company:

Taste Buds offers cooking classes for singles, couples, groups and events. They focus on the entertainment side of cooking, while teaching customers different techniques and recipes.

Innovative commercial offer

They differentiate themselves by offering a variety of classes for different occasions, from classes for romantic couples to sushi-specific classes. They also teach classes for different types of cuisine for the more adventurous guests, Mexican, Indian, French and Italian classes.

7. Bartender

Are you making a wicked cocktail? Are you good at making friends with strangers? Why not get paid to pour and mix drinks at parties and events? Here is an example of a working business you can learn from:

Company Name : On the Rocks Bartender


Creation date : 2013

About the company:

On the Rocks Bartending is a boutique bartending service that provides full and inclusive bar service for many events and parties including: weddings, corporate functions and social celebrations.

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Innovative commercial offer

To ensure that they differentiate themselves from others in their market, they offer customization of each bar package to the specific needs of their customers. They also take care of everything bar related to give their customers peace of mind.

8. Meal Delivery

If you’re good at compiling the best ingredients and coming up with amazing recipes, you can sell your meal ideas to busy South Africans. Here is an example of a working business you can learn from:

Company Name : UCOOK


Creation date : 2016

About the company:

David Torr and his team launched Ucook from a garage. They packed ingredients into boxes with a recipe and started selling subscriptions to customers.

Innovative commercial offer

Ucook offers 3 different categories to its customers, allowing them to eat according to their food preferences. Customers can also decide how much of a single meal they want and when they want their box delivered.

9. Organic food store

More and more health conscious people prefer organic food, especially in urban areas. You can start an organic food store to help them find the healthy foods they’re looking for. Here is an example of a working business you can learn from:

Company Name : Jackson’s Real Food Market


Creation date : 2014

About the company:

Jackson’s Real Food Market sources its products from small-scale farmers in South Africa. Once the products are purchased, they test and analyze the ingredients to ensure their customers know exactly what they are eating.

Innovative commercial offer

Jackson’s Real Food Market has expanded its business in a natural way by launching a restaurant offering organic dishes to its customers. They have also expanded their markets around Gauteng.

10. Microbrewery

Do you like making craft beer? Try different ingredients to get new flavors? You could open a microbrewery and sell your tasty inventions to others. Here is an example of a working business you can learn from:

Company Name : Jester King Brewery


Creation date : 2010

About the company:

Jester King Brewery is an authentic farmhouse brewer, which means that all of its products are tied to a historical event, its timing and local culture. Their philosophy is to work in partnership with nature to create a beer unique to its natural environment.

Innovative commercial offer

Jester King Brewery only opens its tasting room 3 days a week, turning every weekend into a beer festival. This improved their customer count from 800 to 1500 in one day.

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