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Embattled business manager Lou Taylor moves into multimillion-dollar LA home

Behind almost every wealthy person is a team of lawyers, financial advisors and accountants. But certain types of celebrities, especially Hollywood types and professional sports personalities, tend to get rich very quickly. And many of these folks have additional layers of help – talent agents and specialist money managers to help build empires. While clients are busy honing their varied talents, business leaders are stepping in to manage investments, rein in big spending, and strategize on how to limit tax exposure. (That’s the idea, anyway.)

Most Hollywood fund managers tend to avoid the spotlight, contenting themselves with playing a role in the proverbial shadows. They also tend to be predominantly male and on the older side. But tell it all to Louise “Lou” Taylor, who started a management company when she was just 20 and became a celebrity herself, a high-profile personality who has a surprisingly sleek figure that stands in stark contrast to the other managers. Perhaps it was this unconventional approach that helped his business – Tri Star Sports and Entertainment Groupwhich is now approaching its 30th anniversary — is enjoying outsized success.

Today, Taylor has one of Hollywood’s most impressive client lists. While many of those clients are high-profile musicians — Steven Tyler, Post Malone, Travis Scott, and Sean “Diddy” Combs, to name a few — she also represents the Kardashian family empire and high-ranking entertainment executives like Bozoma Saint-Jean. More infamously, Taylor also represented Britney Spears for nearly 15 years, since Spears began her longtime conservatorship.

Taylor’s association with Spears made the former a controversial public figure. Tri Star and Spears parted ways professionally in late 2020, with the latter accusing the former of mismanaging her money and charging exorbitant fees. Spears even publicly called Taylor herself in a scathing Instagram post, claiming she orchestrated the conservatorship and set up cameras to secretly watch the pop star. Taylor was recently profiled in several Spears documentaries, each of them painting her in a decidedly unflattering light. (For his part, Taylor has strongly denied the salacious accusations leveled at her.)

Conflicting accounts have also emerged about Taylor herself. Jamie Spears, Britney’s father called him famous “the smartest person in any room”, while Courtney Love shares Britney’s disdain for Taylor. In 2019, Taylor was named the Hollywood Reporter’s Business manager icon of the year, with rave reviews from powerhouse friends like Endeavour’s Patrick Whitesell.

The one thing everyone agrees on is that Taylor has had great success. Tri Star now has over 100 employees and two giant offices in Nashville and California. In Nashville, Taylor recently sold the company’s 12,000 square foot headquarters to transform it into an even larger retail complex. And in Los Angeles, Tri Star has 16,000 square feet of office space in one of the flashiest buildings on Los Angeles’ iconic Sunset Strip.

As her practice grew in size, Taylor’s real estate situation changed dramatically. Although she spends much of her time in Nashville, she also maintains an outpost in Los Angeles. In 2015, she paid $870,000 for a relatively modest cottage in the Hollywood Hills; last year, she sold this spot for $1.3 million and turned it into a $3.5 million contemporary home in trendy Beverly Grove, near West Hollywood and the shopping district/ sexy restaurant on Melrose Avenue. Like its owner, the house stands out from the neighborhood crowd, a glitzy blip on a street mostly littered with much more humble bungalows.


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