Business goals

Eaton provides support services aligned with your business goals, ensuring continuity and profitability

In July 2021, around 40,000 South African businesses in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng provinces were rocked by violent protests and looting that left 72 people dead and dozens of businesses in ruins, many of which were set on fire. .

Power management solutions company Eaton understood the impact this had on a company’s resources and was committed to helping its customers affected by violence stabilize quickly. This not only demonstrates the company’s commitment as a supportive and responsive partner, but also as a corporate citizen.

“Full restoration of the business was a top priority and we have helped some of South Africa’s largest retailers and businesses identify, assess and redesign their power management systems,” said Abel Martins, Director of Eaton’s services for Africa.

“The team has proactively assisted affected clients in the financial services, retail and ICT industries by performing free site inspections, extent of damage audits, free needs analyzes and quotes on the products, with the aim of a rapid recapitalization after the riots, ”explains Martins. .

Eaton’s service team offers a full range of services tailored to every stage of an electrical system’s lifecycle, whether it’s design, construction or support. Eaton’s services integrate and optimize the elements of an electrical system to ensure it is aligned with business goals.

So how can Eaton help your business? A reliable electricity distribution system is essential to the operation and profitability of any commercial facility. Unfortunately, repeated operating cycles, changing operating conditions and prolonged exposure to the environment inevitably result in some degradation of switchgear components over time.

If left unchecked, this deterioration can lead to increasingly frequent failures, system downtime and loss of production, not to mention increased operational expenses for maintenance and repair.

Eaton’s comprehensive portfolio of services and solutions are tailored to each stage of an electrical system’s lifecycle, ensuring maximum uptime and optimized performance throughout its lifespan.

Martins explains that product lifecycle management is the process of managing every stage of a product’s lifecycle, from planning and design to installation, and ongoing maintenance and monitoring. and finally, its withdrawal and elimination.

“Effective product lifecycle maintenance ensures higher quality, greater safety and optimum efficiency throughout the life of the electrical system,” he says.

“The product lifecycle management offered by our service team includes installation and commissioning, maintenance and warranty extension, maintenance with cyber-secure monitoring, troubleshooting services and spare parts, extension and modernization of equipment life and end-of-life services, ”concludes Martins.