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DVIDS – News – MICC Achieves Small Business Goals for Seventh Year in a Row

JOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO-FORT SAM HOUSTON, Texas (Oct. 15, 2021) – Mission and installation contract ordering professionals across the country have taken advantage of virtual platforms to overcome the challenges of engagement of small businesses and surpassing procurement targets in all socio-economic categories for the seventh consecutive year.

The MICC executed more than 27,000 contract actions worth nearly $ 5.2 billion in fiscal 2021, including more than $ 2.6 billion for small businesses, to secure the requirements Army-wide installation readiness while meeting emerging contractual needs in response to COVID-19 and Operation Allies Welcome. .

Mark Massie, deputy director of the MICC Office of Small Business Programs at Joint Base San Antonio-Fort Sam Houston, Texas, said the efforts of command acquisition professionals helped the MICC exceed its five goals for small businesses. companies. He added that while fiscal 2021 and part of fiscal 2020 presented significant challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, his small business team was able to adapt quickly and fulfill the mission.

“In Exercise 21, we ran our very first command-wide industry pre-planning briefing, and it just went virtually. We continue to reach out to small businesses and keep requirements transparent to enable them to plan and be successful, ”said Massie. “The biggest impact has been the inability to meet small businesses in a face-to-face environment. However, we have adapted and are using virtual tools to allow us to continue to meet the industry on a daily basis. “

The Virtual Industry Advance Planning Briefing, or APBI, in March was followed in April by one-on-one virtual matchmaking engagements with more than 290 small businesses to further strengthen the industrial base of defense. The director said small business professionals were able to take the capacity statements received and share them with contracting officers to help them with their market research for ongoing procurement efforts.

“A director of the MICC was able to meet suppliers from across the country. Typically, he holds local vendor fairs attracting local vendors, ”Massie said. “This event allowed him to connect with suppliers across the country who offer possible services and / or supplies, giving them more sources for possible acquisitions.”

Of the 294 capacity claims added to MICC’s market research database in fiscal 2021, about 36% were generated from the APBI, according to Heather Scherer, MICC small business analyst at JBSA-Fort Sam Houston. Federal procurement regulations require contracting officers to perform appropriate market research, including the capabilities of small businesses, in return for certain awards such as set-aside. Scherer added that the MICC hit 54.88% against a target of 45% in small businesses, 33.92% against its target of 24% in disadvantaged small businesses, 11.03% against its target of 9% for small businesses owned by disabled veterans, 12.58% against its target of 9% for small businesses owned by women and 10.98% against its target of 6% for small businesses in the historically underserved commercial zone. used.

Massie added that her team had placed particular emphasis on the socioeconomic category of women-owned small businesses in order to ensure the success of establishments identified by the Small Business Association in specific categories of America’s Industry Classification System. of the North as being under-represented, allowing the Command to not only achieve its goal, but also far exceed its expectations. He added that small businesses have also stepped up in fiscal 2021 to meet the service’s COVID response needs. Of the more than $ 27 million in MICC contract awards for the military’s fight against the pandemic, $ 12.5 million has gone to small businesses.

Massie also thanked his small business professionals for overcoming staffing challenges throughout the past fiscal year with key vacancies. He praised the exceptional performance of Amy Ulisse and Luis Trinidad, deputy directors of small businesses, who held his position while he was chief of staff of the MICC. Ulisse is assigned to the MICC field director’s office at Joint Base Langley-Eustis, Va., And Trinidad is assigned to the 418th Contract Support Brigade at Fort Hood, Texas.

“First and foremost, I have an exceptional team of professionals. It is always a challenge when we have people outside for an extended period, ”he said. “However, we all tackle the task and rise to the challenge.”

Massie also recognized Ambre Wallitsch who temporarily served as the 419th CSB Deputy Director earlier this year and successfully guided the brigade through the exercise to achieve small business goals before competing and securing a promotion for the position.

As the MICC Small Business team begins to tackle its efforts for FY2022, it is analyzing spending from previous years and current and future priority requirements to develop its goals. This involves reviewing a presidential decree to increase spending by disadvantaged small businesses over the next four years.

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Based at Joint Base San Antonio-Fort Sam Houston, Texas, the Contracts Command’s mission and facility consists of approximately 1,500 civilian and military members who are responsible for contracting goods and services in support soldiers as well as preparing procurement units trained for the operational force and emergency environment when called upon. As part of its mission, MICC contracts are essential to feed more than 200,000 troops every day, provide numerous support services to daily base operations at facilities, facilitate readiness training for over 100,000 personnel from conventional strength each year, training more than 500,000 students each year, and maintaining more than 14.4 million acres of land and 170,000 structures.

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