Business manager

Commercial Director position (to Director of Housing, Regeneration and Planning) at Haringey London Borough Council

job description Contract terms

Salary: PO5 (£43,860 – £46,839 per year)

Type of contract: Full-time, 2-year CDD or secondment

Closing date: Sunday 16and January 2022

Date of interview: Thursday 27and January 2022

About the role

The CEO’s Office sits at the heart of the Board, working directly with the CEO and Board Directors in a busy and exciting environment. The team coordinates, prepares and advises, helping to navigate decision-making and deal with the unexpected.

This role provides strategic support to the Director of Housing, Regeneration and Planning (HRP), working closely with them, the Deputy Directors and their Executive Assistant to get things done. This includes coordinating work across the directorate, preparing reports and presentations, organizing director-wide events and communications, forward planning, and supporting teams to navigate decision making.

Working alongside the HRP Program Manager, this role also leads improvement work, managing projects, corporate financial strategy requests, supporting work with politicians, and using good judgment to deal with complex issues.

Providing that vital link between managers and others inside and outside the organization, the business manager helps build and maintain important relationships with politicians, partners and key stakeholders.

Working in the areas of housing, regeneration and planning, the commercial manager will be at the heart of some of the council’s most exciting and impactful work, including the construction of new social housing, fitness programs and Regeneration Plans and Haringey’s major Zero Carbon Climate Change Plans.

About you

You will have experience working with senior leaders in a demanding environment and ideally an understanding of how boards work.

Most importantly, you will be organized and efficient, detail-oriented, able to work well under pressure, and able to work with colleagues to resolve issues quickly and efficiently. Enthusiastic and motivated, you will be an excellent communicator and able to build strong relationships at all levels.