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Business leader speaks out after being targeted by thieves | The mail

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Manager of Ballarat business targeted by thieves over weekend says it’s ‘disappointing’ to be a victim of crime, but is happy to know one of the offenders has been caught . The company, which did not wish to be named for fear of being targeted again, had a company car stolen from a worker’s shed and another car and trailer taken from the business premises of ‘Old Creswick Road. “In over 30 years of racing we have never had a vehicle stolen and now we have been hit twice,” he said. The manager said the thieves stole a branded company car from a workman’s shed at their home on Friday evening and drove into the business premises late Saturday and early Sunday in the stolen car. He said he saw offenders on CCTV footage searching through vehicles stealing personal effects and stealing another company car and trailer from the company site. “I’m really happy with the way the police handled the situation. They arrived very quickly on Sunday morning,” he said. “Anyone who has something stolen is disappointed, but the police did everything they could and from what they heard someone is in custody.” The manager said he understands police found an offender in one of the company’s vehicles. He said he expected the car to be returned at some point, but did not know if it was damaged. A second business on Old Creswick Road was also targeted, with thieves stealing a lorry and trailer from this site. The Courier understands that one of the stolen cars was then used to steal another vehicle on the Western Highway in Ballarat later Sunday morning. Police were called after the Toyota was seen erratically driving through Ballan Township shortly after 8am. Officers used a tire deflation device on Old Geelong Road which stopped the car and led to the arrest of a 29-year-old man from Wendouree. The man is charged with multiple counts of burglary and theft and is due to appear in court in Ballarat today. Have you subscribed to The Courier’s variety of informational emails? You can sign up below and make sure you’re up to date with everything happening in Ballarat.