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Britney Spears Ex-Business Manager Exposed in Recently Emerged Emails

Recently surfaced emails revealed that Lou Taylor, Britney Spears‘ former entrepreneur, had several conversations that led to the establishment of the Spears controversy over a decade of tutelage.

The emails are included in a court document filed by Spears attorney Matthew Rosengart. They may be crucial in the ongoing lawsuit between Spears, Taylor and Taylor’s company, Tri Star Sports & Entertainment.

The emails also contradict Taylor’s earlier public assertions that she had no involvement or role in creating “the conservatorship of Spears.” Spears has since been released from the arrangement and is now pursuing justice against those she believes used it.

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Lou Taylor spoke via email with Jamie Spears


One of the emails between Taylor and Jamie Spears, Spears’ father, was dated two weeks before Jamie asked the court to release him to his daughters’ personal affairs and estate. In the email, Taylor spoke to Jamie’s attorneys, Jeryll Cohen and Geraldine Wyle, and wrote, “I’m looking for [sic] to work with you.

Shortly after, Taylor emailed Jamie privately to let him know that she had spoken to her attorneys about Andrew Wallet, the attorney who would eventually handle Spears’ money during her conservatorship. She also wrote that Tri Star and Wallet would “serve as a co [co-conservators]next to Jamie.

There were emails between Taylor and Wyle a few days before the start of the conservatorship about an official statement to the public and the press. However, in those emails, Wyle seemed more interested in finding a judge who would give “Jamie the power to administer mind-altering drugs” to Spears.

Another damning thread showed Taylor and Wyle discussing Spears’ Trust. She wrote: ‘One of Andrew’s suggestions was that the trust could pay the bills, and that would get us around a lot of the court filing issues, HOWEVER, when it comes to deductible expenses related to the business, these must be paid from Britney Brands, or Britney Touring… You EXPOSE the Trust if you pay business expenses from the Trust.

Taylor’s lawyers say the emails are misleading

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In response to the emails, Tri Star attorney Scott Edelman said Page 6 that the emails are all “materially misleading”. He said: ‘As all the evidence shows very clearly, the conservatorship was put in place on the recommendation of legal counsel, not Tri Star, and approved by the court for over 12 years. [sic] years. In fact, Tri Star wasn’t even the business manager of the trusteeship when it was founded.

However, Edelman never denied that the conversations were real. He added: “Carefully selected excerpts from emails cannot change the facts, which is why this nonsense will end once and for all when the records are unsealed.”

The emails are only part of the evidence building against Taylor and Tri Star. In December 2021, the New York Times reported that Tri Star lent Jamie money shortly before the conservatorship began. When this news broke, Anthony Palmieri, the president of the National Guardianship Association, said the loan “reeks of conflict of interest”.

Britney Spears has vowed to sue Tri Star

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In November 2021, a judge finally ended Spears’ conservatorship, giving her back full control of her money and estate. She and Rosengart have since refused to back down in the lawsuit against Taylor and everyone else who exploited Spears.

In an Instagram post, Spears even vowed to “sue Tri Star” and wrote that Jamie adores Taylor and would do anything for her. Tri-Star only stepped down as Spears’ chief commercial officer in November 2020, just a year before his termination.

Tri Star did not cooperate with the investigation

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Rosengart continues to investigate Taylor and her partner, Robin Greenhill. Both have repeatedly ignored requests for depositions and refuse to hand over important documents. TriStar has also filed multiple motions to quash Rosengart’s subpoenas.

In opposition to their demands, Rosengart insisted that Jamie work with Tri Star to enrich himself with at least six million and eighteen million dollars, respectively, from Spears’ estate. He said Page 6“Tri Star has stalled since October 2021, choosing to plead and attack instead of cooperate, and it still has failed to produce a single document requested as part of the subpoenas.”