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Best Subscription Box Business Ideas

Subscription boxes offer a unique format for a small business. They generate predictable revenue from recurring monthly subscribers, and there are tons of niches to fill in this industry. If you’re considering venturing into subscription services, here are some ideas to consider.

What are Subscription Boxes?

Subscription box companies include a business model where you send out monthly boxes filled with products that appeal to a particular type of consumer. For example, a subscription to a box can target gamers, cosmetics users or music lovers. The subscription model allows you to maintain a fairly stable customer base.

The subscription box industry

The subscription business really took off several years ago. Although the growth has slowed down a bit, there are still several successful subscription boxes in many industries. The industry is valued at around $22.7 billion in 2021.

Subscription Box Ideas for Your New Business

If you’re considering starting a monthly box business, here are some of the best subscription boxes and ideas to consider.

1. Book Subscription Box

Book subscription boxes usually focus on a particular genre or a new themed box each month. For example, one subscription box might offer one or two romance novels each month, while others might focus on titles perfect for a monthly book club.

2. Coffee Subscription Box

Coffee subscription boxes are popular with those who like to try new flavors or types of coffee. For example, Atlas Coffee Club offers a new variety every month from different countries around the world. There are also coffee subscriptions where the customer chooses their monthly flavors.

3. Meal Prep Business

Meal Prep subscriptions often ship more often than other subscriptions. Instead of monthly deliveries, you can ship a daily or weekly meal kit, filled with recipe cards and ingredients needed to make specific meals.

4. Fitness box

For fitness enthusiasts, this type of membership may offer fitness equipment such as resistance bands, clothing, and electrolyte packs to add to drinks. You can even pair it with a membership to an online company that offers virtual workouts or personal training.

5 Box Gluten Free Subscription

A gluten-free subscription box company can provide a variety of snacks and food options made with special ingredients to meet the needs of people with dietary restrictions.

6 Shaving

People need razors and shaving cream regularly. So companies like Dollar Shave Club have simplified the process by shipping these items automatically.

7. Pet Supplies Box

Dog owners can subscribe to a box that provides their usual food and treats. But there are also subscriptions available that ship special items like toys and clothes for the dog owner who wants to try new products.

8. Candy

Candy is easy to ship and there are tons of varieties available. Companies like Candy Club allow customers to try new options every month.

9. Wine

Wine clubs like Primal Wine Club offer a gift box with a few bottles each month, allowing customers to sample new options regularly.

10. Pet Grooming

A special option for pet owners, this subscription box idea can simply include grooming products like shampoo and brushes.

11. Flower subscription

For those who like to display fresh flowers regularly, floral subscription businesses drop bouquets or arrangements on their front door monthly or weekly.

12. Kids Activity Box

For parents, a kids activity box can include toys or projects with kid-friendly instructions. So they get something new to try every month.

13. Clothing

Clothing subscriptions like Stitch Fix offer clothing tailored to each customer’s size and style preferences, with free returns for unwanted items.

14. Craft Kits

Sell ​​complete kits of craft supplies to complete specific projects. Some craft boxes may focus on specific niches like knitting or cross stitch. But others may allow subscribers to try different methods each month.

15. Gardening

Gardening boxes can include different seeds, gardening tools, and decor to help hobbyists make the most of their outdoor space. This type of box can be seasonal or you can simply change what is sent depending on the time of year.

16. Local cuisine

The idea of ​​shopping locally has grown rapidly over the past few years. Offer a box to residents of a specific regional area that includes samples of various specialty food items from local vendors or farmers’ markets.

17. Kitchen supplies

Help home chefs try new recipes and flavors with a box that includes unique tools, spices and ingredients. There are many potentially fun themes in this niche. For example, your first box might include basic tools, then each might include spices or tools from different parts of the world.

18. Vinyl records

CD clubs used to be great club subscription ideas. However, most people nowadays download digital music files instead. Fortunately, there are still music lovers who have a taste for nostalgia. So you could offer vinyl records in a particular genre.

19. Vitamins

Many people who take vitamins need a continuous supply, which makes them ideal for the subscription business. Let subscribers sign up for the vitamins they want to take each month, then send automatic mailings on a specific schedule.

20. Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning products must also be ordered constantly. You can provide the same supplies as the refills or offer new options for customers to try.

21. Accessories

Accessories like jewelry and hair clips can be even easier to offer in subscription boxes than clothes, because you shouldn’t have to worry about sizing. You can even offer niche options like new boxes with accessories for special occasions.

Get started with your new subscription business

If you’re ready to start your own business with a new box or subscription service, the ideas above should be a great starting point. To choose the ideal option, consider your interests, resources, and the target market you want to serve. Next, you need to start sourcing high-quality materials or inventory and setting up the logistics for monthly delivery, including shipping materials and carriers.


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