Business goals

Bayer sets long-term sustainable business goals

At its annual Pharma Media Day 2022, Bayer presented the latest developments in the ongoing transformation of its pharmaceutical business, which aims to deliver long-term sustainable business growth by providing new options for patients.

Bayer’s research and development pipeline continues to grow as the company builds on its existing skills, such as expertise around small molecules, while expanding into new modalities, including cell and gene therapies. . The company is advancing approximately 50 projects in ongoing clinical trials across a range of potential therapeutic modalities and indications, with a focus on oncology, cardiovascular disease and women’s health.

In cardiovascular disease, Bayer is implementing its late-stage pipeline, including recent launches of Kerendia (finerenone) and Verquvo (vericiguat).

Bayer’s oncology efforts focus on differentiated approaches that could have a fundamental impact on how cancer is treated. With three product launches over the past five years, Bayer has significantly expanded its footprint in the region, focusing on areas of highest unmet medical need while applying a wide range of modalities.

At the same time, the company continues to invest in areas that may address other unmet needs in cancer, including targeted radiopharmaceuticals, specifically targeted alpha therapies, next-generation immuno-oncology, including oncological cell therapy, as well as molecular precision oncology. approaches.

Bayer is developing a platform through which healthcare professionals can centrally manage AI-enabled medical imaging and imaging workflow applications. These solutions are developed by Bayer as well as third parties, and aim to support the complex decision-making processes of healthcare professionals in their task of providing clear direction from diagnosis to management for their patients.

While continuing its research to find new treatment options for gynecological diseases with high unmet medical need, the company is also working to meet the health needs of women during menopause. Elinzanetant, a non-hormonal development compound, is currently being studied in the OASIS Phase III clinical development program for the treatment of vasomotor symptoms during menopause.

As part of this commitment, Bayer recently announced an investment of more than 400 million euros in new production facilities for long-acting reversible contraceptives, including the construction of a new production site in Alajuela , in Costa Rica, and the expansion of production capacity in Turku, Finland. .