Business manager

Assistant Business Manager – Pedestrian Trades


Barnaby Lane is a modern furniture and interiors brand. We design, produce and manufacture products that supply commercial, retail and consumer markets in Australia ( and the USA (

The brand has been featured in – Real Living, Inside Out, Vogue, Domino Magazine, the Local Project and Lonny magazine – to name a few. And has been endorsed by interior heavyweights including Sarah Sherman Samuel, Camille Styles and Emily Henderson.

This role acts as the deputy director of the company. The role is supported by our Director of Sales, Director/Founder and various other support services.

we need people who are capable of hustling, able to juggle many priorities and get results. You must be self-reliant and bring your experience to the table. We are a passionate and extremely creative workplace that gets things done.

Your role will be to:

  • Manage customer service and inquiries
  • Lead Marketing & Advertising – work with our third-party agencies and consultants to drive brand campaigns and activities
  • Responsible for e-commerce and store management (shopify)
  • Manage operations – through our third-party logistics providers and warehouses to ensure excellent customer experience and cost control
  • Manage inventory and merchandising
  • Participate in purchase orders and supplier management
  • Presentation of the Brunswick Showroom
  • Help coordinate the photoshoot
  • Social media management

About you:

  • You are a sociable person, with a positive and contagious attitude.
  • You get along with a wide variety of stakeholders and are able to establish a great relationship with each of them
  • You like everything to be in order and under control
  • You are tech savvy and quickly learn new apps, tips and online trends
  • You strive for flawless execution, especially when managing customers, to ensure they have a great experience every time.
  • You are a trader at heart, you love interiors, know how to give advice and know how to market them.
  • You can work independently and do not need to hold hands. You like to take matters into your own hands.


  • At least 2-3 years of experience in a customer service role
  • Shopify experience
  • Marketing and merchandising