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Apple School and Business Manager will soon support Google Workspace

Apple has confirmed that it will soon allow users to integrate Apple School Manager and Apple Business Manager with Google Workspace Identity Services.

The move, which was announced as part of a larger educational initiative, will allow Google Workspace administrators to enable integration with Apple’s own device and account management systems. As a result, users will be able to sign in to managed Apple ID accounts using their Google Workspace account, making everything easier for everyone.

Similar features are already available for businesses and schools using Microsoft Azure Active Directory, but support for Google Workspace is also on the way.

Apple announced a new feature for Apple School Manager and Apple Business Manager: integration with Google Workspace Identity Services. Currently, Apple School Manager and Apple Business Manager support integration with Microsoft Azure Active Directory. With this new integration, IT teams using Google Workspace can enjoy the same benefits: directory synchronization and federated authentication. With directory synchronization, user records and Managed Apple IDs are created automatically, saving IT administrators time and effort. And with federated authentication, end users can sign in to their Managed Apple ID with their Google Workspace account, enabling a seamless sign-in experience to apps like Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Messages, FaceTime, and more.

Apple isn’t saying exactly when admins can expect the new Google Workspace integration to go live, but it did say it will happen “this spring.”