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According to Info-Tech Research Group Insights, improving service desk metrics helps IT better align with strategic business goals

TORONTO, August 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Info-Tech Research Group, one of the world’s leading IT research and consultancy companies, has released a new research-based plan, Define the Service Desk metrics that matter. This data-driven model will help organizations improve their service desk metrics to better align IT with strategic business goals. The new resource is intended to guide IT managers on consolidating metrics and assigning context and actions to those currently being tracked. With the right metrics, organizations can measure and quantify service desk function performance to tell the whole story.

Establishing benchmarks and voltage measurements is necessary to improve performance in an increasingly digital age. The company’s blueprint encourages IT managers to identify metrics that serve a real purpose and eliminate the rest. This includes establishing a formal review process to ensure metrics are still valid and provide answers that are at a manageable and usable level.

According Info-Tech CEO-CIO Alignment Diagnosis, only 19% of CXOs believe their organization is effective at measuring the success of IT projects with their current metrics, and 80% of organizations say they need to improve their business value metrics. Implementing the appropriate measures can facilitate communication between the business division and the IT practice. Additionally, these metrics can help IT better articulate business problems and how the CEO and CIO should address them.

According to information from Info-Tech, whether a given metric is the right one for an organization’s service desk will depend on several different factors, including:

  • The maturity and capability of service desk processes.
  • The volume of service requests and incidents.
  • The complexity of the environment when resolving tickets.
  • The extent to which end users are comfortable with self-service.

Internally measured metrics are more reliable because they provide insight into actual performance over time, enabling targeted improvements and objective milestone measurements.

Tracking goal and action-based metrics enables IT to make meaningful, data-driven decisions for the service desk. Leaders can use this information to establish internal benchmarks to set baselines.

“When establishing a suite of metrics to track service desk performance, it’s tempting to start with metrics measured by other organizations,” says Benedict Chang, research analyst at Info-Tech Research Group. “Naturally, benchmarking will come into the conversation. While benchmarking is helpful, measuring your organization against others without context will only highlight your failures. standard or common practice, not best practice.”

Benchmarks are often subject to interpretation. Info-Tech’s plan explains that taking the time to establish appropriate metrics is often more valuable than going down the benchmark rabbit hole. Focusing too much on benchmarks can lead to misinterpretation of data and misinformed actions.

“Keeping in mind the limitations of benchmarking, IT managers should establish their own metric suite with action-based metrics,” Chang adds. “To do this, IT can define the audience, cadence, and actions for each metric tracked and tie them to business goals. Measure only what is needed, slowly improve the metrics process over time, and analyze environment using established data as a reference.

Full Define the service desk metrics that matter blueprint, which includes the metrics management approach for IT managers, is available to download and view now.

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