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Abhishek Parakkat: A young digital star with bold business goals

Starting a business and making it profitable no longer requires years and years of experience. Many success stories are of those who have triumphed in the field of entrepreneurship at a time when many others are still deciding their future course of action. One such young genius is Abhishek Parakkat, who made his professional debut at the age of 23 and has led every successful venture since.

When asked what was the key to success at such a young age, Abhishek replied, “No one can actually teach you how to run a business. Planning, testing and defining multiple aspects are the secrets to starting a successful business. You will reach great heights by demonstrating creativity and wise management of your money.

Abishek Parakkata social media influencer who possesses these traits and an optimistic outlook, has launched several businesses including Parakkat Jewels, Parakkat Nature Resort, Parakkat Weddings, and Parakkat Software.

Although during the COVID-19 the tourist activity suffered greatly, Parakkat has skillfully managed to stay afloat even during the difficult times. Regarding the Parakkat Nature Resort in Kerala, he claimed that spending time in nature can arouse positive emotions and alleviate negative mental states such as rage, despair, worry and fear.

When asked how he managed to make Parakkat Nature Resort a success, he explained everything a business needs to be successful. Customers always appreciate personal referrals rather than the persistence of a company representative whispering in their ear. He continues, “Despite creating shots in air-conditioned lobbies, you have to go to ground level to get a good idea of ​​what your ideal client looks like.” When customers actively talk about your product or service to others, sales can skyrocket. Instead of just focusing on advertising in traditional and digital media, consider thinking outside the box to get the best results.

He added: “I think there should be a cap on how much market share a company can have regionally and nationally.” To maintain the momentum towards better products and more efficient value for money, new companies should be encouraged to enter markets where one company currently holds the majority of market share through grants, loans and grants. Perhaps the most effective marketing tactic in business is word of mouth advertising. Targeting a small audience initially is the best solution. Then word of mouth begins to spread and you gradually reach a wider audience.

At such a young age, managing a business network requires a lot of mental flexibility and creativity. According to Abhishek, he tries to make future plans as creative as possible. He is undoubtedly a visionary businessman and laser-focused leader who can motivate his team to achieve organizational goals through his confidence and optimism. Abhishek is always looking for ways to make things better. The success story of this young entrepreneur is still ongoing and many desires and goals remain unfulfilled.

Parakkat is happy that his company provides retirement annuities to 100 senior citizens and therefore he gives back to society in any way possible as he is aware of his social responsibility and is happy to fulfill it. He emphasizes that if you put your all into something, nothing is impossible. Never give up and keep moving forward; all that matters is that you stay focused and give it your all to achieve your goals.

Apart from being a successful entrepreneur, Abhishek is also a model and a fitness enthusiast who takes his health seriously. As a digital creator, it provides its subscribers with high quality content. It focuses on the interests of the audience and produces interesting content for them. He creates content for the company’s websites, blogs and marketing materials by writing, reading, editing and updating it. His hobbies include basketball, chess, and bodybuilding. He is here to face stiff competition, but to stand tall.