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A-One Tax promotes Kaylee Argenbright to CEO

Raised in the deserts of New Mexico, Kaylee Argenbright experienced a dramatic change of scenery in the Sierra Nevada and quickly became part of the Nevada County community.

Argenbright, who moved to Nevada County last year, previously served the Los Rios Community College District as a training and professional development specialist, championing programs to increase equitable student success and staff throughout the district. In March, she joined the A-One Tax team, which is nestled in Nevada City.

“Kaylee is one of the smartest, happiest people I have ever met,” said Tonya Lindsay, owner of A-One Tax. “She came to my business needing help with tax preparation and I couldn’t help but offer her a job. The day I met her, she was going through a job interview and looking for work due to a COVID-19 layoff from her last job several months ago. She wanted to work so badly. She was so organized with her tax documents and optimistic about life. Hiring him was one of the easiest and best decisions I’ve ever made.

Argenbright’s academic activities culminated in a Masters in Communication with a specialization in Education. The drastic shift from public education to local finance has not gone unnoticed.

“Some say I have a flair for the unexpected,” said Argenbright. “There aren’t a lot of things that I don’t have a curiosity about, and the idea of ​​broadening my skills to adapt to something as important as financial literacy enabled me to do my first step in a different direction.

“I am invigorated by the new information and support Tonya has shared with me over the past six months, and I know the wisdom she has to offer is far from over. I look forward to helping A-One Tax and build lasting relationships with customers.

As for her more recreational pursuits, Argenbright considers herself a “serial lover”, filling her hours mixing music, painting and writing. Nevada County caters to her and her husband’s needs for outdoor adventure, including (but not limited to) windsurfing, hiking, and paddle boarding.

“I am happy to start building a community in this area,” said Argenbright. “There seems to be no end to the inspiration to be drawn from this beautiful county.”

Argenbright plans to use their organizational communication training to streamline processes and expand client reach over the coming tax season.

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