Business goals

6 Steps to Reaching Your Business Goals in Half the Time

The old ways of following a career path are gone, and the deadlines with them. Technological advancements, changing work habits and a global pandemic have made it possible for every professional on the planet to do more with less, if they want to. Someone who was retiring in their 30s was unknown, now this is a common occurrence.

For ten people who stuff themselves with Netflix and scroll through the news, one intends to put the gifts of this era to good use and make the most of them. Which one will you be? Here’s how to reach your business goals in half the time.

Cut out the unnecessary

Either to relax or to earn money. There is no third option. Take note of anything that does not fit in these camps to determine what is wasting your time. Duties, administration, and the things you just don’t want to do have no place in your life, especially if winning big is your plan.

Time your day by recording what you did in ten minute increments. Notice how many of them are spent passing the time without progressing towards your goals. Outsource, eliminate, delegate and automate everything you can. Remove the people, places, and things that stress you out without making any money. Free up space in your schedule and reallocate it wisely.

Dream twice as big

If you aren’t heading towards achieving your goals at breakneck speed, these might not be the right goals. Without interest, little feats won’t capture the imagination of you or others because they’re just, well, boring. Give up small goals. Give up legacy goals, the ones you feel like you should do because an old version of you wanted to.

Set new goals for yourself. Dream twice as big to get twice as far in half the time. Find goals so big they scare you. When the reality of the colossal task awaits you, you will need enthusiasm and passion to stay on track. Play bigger games and win bigger prizes.

Play with thought experiments

Everything that we now take for granted once entered the world as an idea. Most ideas seem silly at first, but ultimately we wonder how we ever managed to live without them. Allow yourself to play for ideas that go beyond career progression and accelerate your goals.

Start with thought experiments. Grab a notebook and a willing friend and have fun discussing, conceptualizing, and coming up with silly ideas. Imagine what you would do with unlimited resources, if you controlled the weather or received a magic wand. Imagine that every door you knock on opens. Who would you knock on the door to, what would you ask? Gambling leads to ideas, and ideas lead to game-changing breakthroughs for business.

Find people a few steps ahead

While we could all learn a lot from Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates, they are so far ahead that their advice might not be the right one. Instead, find people who are a step ahead of you in terms of company size and career stage. The real value is here: These people know your challenges well but have solved them recently. Hear what they’ve done and learn from their mistakes.

Not only are people who are ahead of the curve ambitious and admirable, they are often more accessible and likely ready to engage. Find a millionaire mentor who knows what you’re going through by reaching out, introducing yourself, and inviting to respond. Their Pearls of Wisdom could unlock the breakthroughs you are looking for.

Learn like crazy

I don’t mean start this college course and I don’t care how many letters follow your name. The concept of learning, for an entrepreneur looking to make leaps in his business, does not mean university. Learning means books. Biographies, business books, old conceptual texts. Learning means other people. Entrepreneurs of yesterday and today. Case studies, data, best practices and what not to do.

Hungry for information that you can apply is the secret sauce to getting more done in less time. Not content to follow the slow lane, to graft on the spirit and the work of those who preceded it, it is to embark on the fast lane. Application is the key. The point is not to be good at anecdotes, or to have a brain full of useless information. The goal is to apply alternative frameworks to how you approach your challenges, especially those that involve growth.

Build a scalable entity

Most businesses can grow in one way or another, you may not. Most business owners are so caught up in their day-to-day life that they never think about how their business could grow. With the right game plan, one cafe could become ten. An e-commerce store could go public, a manuscript could become an international bestseller.

What would your business look like on a scale a hundred times the size it is today? And a thousand? If that doesn’t appeal to you, start something that the idea of ​​scaling does. The fields of Artificial Intelligence, Automation, 3D Printing, and Infinite Computing contain business ideas that might exceed your wildest dreams. If your small business doesn’t have that potential, find something that does.

You are not going to live forever. And you wouldn’t either. If you do it right, living once is more than enough. You are not here to drag your feet and create moot businesses, you are here to make an impact, make a difference and make a killing.

Forget the beaten track, forget the standard rhythm, do it your way. Get rid of the unnecessary, dream twice as big, play with thought experiments, and find inspiring mentors a few steps ahead. Learn like crazy and focus on scalable entities to achieve your goals in half the time.