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50 brilliant business ideas for the beach

Tired of being stuck in a stuffy office all summer? Would you rather spend your days dipping your toes in water?

As an entrepreneur, you have the opportunity to create a business that fits the lifestyle you want. And if what you want is to spend your days at the beach, here are 50 beach business ideas for you.

Beach Business Ideas

Holiday rents

If you have a home or extra space in a beach town, you can easily rent out that space to tourists on sites like Airbnb. You might even get a property specifically for this purpose.

Bed and breakfast

Or you can create a more holistic experience by starting a bed and breakfast in a beachfront property.

Touristic guide

You can also provide tour guide services to visitors to your beach town, setting up a shop on the beach and then offering tours in your town.

Reception center

Or you can set up a simple visitor center where tourists can visit for maps, directions and information on local attractions.

Souvenir shop

If you want to sell actual products, you can create a gift shop that focuses on souvenirs specific to your beach town.


General stores and markets can also be very popular in beach towns, as tourists often need to visit these stores for items they forgot to pack or need to make their vacation more comfortable.


If you like fishing, you can make it your job and sell your catch to local restaurants or grocery stores.

Fishing tackle store

Or you could help other people who visit your town and want to fish by selling bait, hooks and other fishing-related products in your own store.

Boat rental

Beachgoers may also be interested in boat rentals for fishing or recreation. So you can start your own seaside boat rental business.

boat cleaning

You can also provide cleaning services to boat owners in your community who don’t want to do this job themselves.

boat repairs

Likewise, you can provide specialized repair services to boat owners.

boat trips

If there are many waterfront sights in your area, you can also provide tour guide services that focus on the actual water.

Dinner cruises

You can also offer a specialty dinner cruise for those who want to enjoy a great meal on the water.

Water sports rental

Similar to boat rentals, you can set up a rental service for smaller items like jet skis, buoy equipment, and surfboards.

surf shop

You can also open a dedicated surf shop with boards and a variety of other accessories.

Surfing lessons

Or you can offer surf lessons to tourists who want to learn to surf while visiting your beach town.

swimming lessons

You can also offer swimming lessons for visitors with children or those who want to brush up on their swimming skills at the beach.

Bike and scooter rental

Bikes and scooters are popular modes of transportation on boardwalks and in seaside communities, so you can start a rental business for these items.

mobile advertising

You can also use bicycles, carts and even boats as forms of advertising. Offer the space to local businesses that want to advertise right on the beach.

child care

People often visit seaside towns with the whole family. But sometimes adults may want to spend an evening without the kids. Thus, you can provide babysitting services to tourists visiting your city.

pet boarding business

Likewise, you can provide pet boarding services to people who visit but cannot bring dogs to their hotels.

Beverage trolley

People visiting the beach often like to buy cold drinks. So you can set up a drinks cart or a small bar along the beach to provide those drinks to visitors.

Cafe by the beach

You can also set up a small cafe or restaurant by the beach for people who want to grab a quick bite while enjoying the view of the beach.

Portrait photographer

If you have an eye for photography, you can provide a portrait service for visitors who want to take family photos or just remember their beach vacation.

Sell ​​beach photographs

You can also show off your photography skills by taking photos from the beach and selling prints online or at local stores.

travel blogger

You can blog just about anywhere. But if you love spending time at the beach, travel blogging may be the right niche for you.

Freelance writer

You can also make a living by freelancing for travel blogs or related publications.


Or you could simply get inspired by spending time at the beach. And you can use your time to write books and publish them yourself.

Travel YouTube Channel

YouTube gives you another outlet to share your travels and related information. Launch your own channel and earn revenue through the site’s ad sharing program.

Travel Advisor

If you also want to help others travel, you can offer help planning trips and finding deals online while working from the beach.

reservation service

You can also help local travelers make reservations for local attractions by starting your own reservation service.

face paint

Beach towns are often home to many attractions and events where you can offer a variety of fun services like face painting to visitors.


Another service you can offer at local events or on the beaches is caricature art.

Events animator

Or you can provide entertainment services if you have talents like juggling, magic, or even ball-art.

Airbrush T-Shirt Shop

If you want to offer customizable products to customers, airbrushed t-shirts and similar accessories can be popular with beachgoers.

Handmade accessories company

You can also offer handmade accessories like jewelry or bags on a walk or at local events.


The beach can be an ideal and relaxing setting for a professional masseuse to set up shop.

yoga teacher

It can also be a great place for an outdoor yoga class. So, you can differentiate your yoga business by offering classes by the sea.

wedding celebrant

Beach weddings are also popular in many places. Thus, you could offer your services as a wedding officiant specializing in seaside services.

wedding artist

You can also provide wedding entertainment services if you can play live music or even act as a disc jockey.

Event rentals

Another activity related to weddings and events, you can offer rentals such as tables, chairs and canopies specifically for beach weddings.

food truck

Food trucks allow you to set up virtually anywhere, including the beach.

Laundry service

If you want to offer a really convenient service to tourists, you can start a laundry business for those who take long trips and don’t have access to laundry facilities in their accommodation.

Delivery service

You can also offer a delivery service where you bring takeout or groceries to travelers who don’t have their own vehicle.

transportation service

Or you can start a transport service to drive these tourists to their various destinations.


If your beach town is popular with international travelers, you can start a business where you offer translation services to travelers or local businesses.

Event organizer

Beach towns often host many different events. So you can offer event organization services, specializing in beach events.

Summer camp

If you want to spend time at the beach and work with kids, you can start a seaside summer camp that offers a variety of outdoor activities.

Corporate retreats

Or you can focus on an older audience and offer seaside corporate retreats that include lots of outdoor time.

house guard

And since beach towns often empty out significantly during the winter months, you can make a pretty decent living keeping the house for those homeowners while they’re out of town and, of course, spend the rest of your time at the beach!

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