Business manager

5 unexpected qualities to look for in a business leader

To find the right person to run your business, you need to know more than just technical requirements. Experience in your industry is a plus, and a demonstrable track record of successful management is a must. However, there are five often overlooked qualities of a good manager that business owners tend to overlook. If you are currently accepting applications, be sure to keep these characteristics in mind.

Open to develop their potential

Anyone who thinks they have perfected themselves as a person has a lot to learn. Although confidence is essential to good decision-making, it should not be confused with blind arrogance. A good manager is always ready to learn and grow. They will be eager to take additional training, respond well to feedback, and even actively improve their skills and knowledge outside of the workplace. These people know that the better they get, the better they can help others.

Knows or wishes to learn the technologies of your industry

Part of growing a small business in today’s era is being able to easily adopt new technologies. If the manager is not on board or fails to train, the whole business suffers. Whether it’s inventory management software or fleet management technology, there are always potential ways to increase your productivity. You may consider installing GPS tracking to improve the safety and efficiency of your fleet. By tracking with Samsara, it makes it easy to track your vehicles using real-time data. A potential manager should be growth-oriented and never shy about tackling new software.

forgive others

As a manager, there will be a lot of tough calls to make. That being said, they shouldn’t believe that ruling with an iron fist is always the best way to get things done. A forgiving person is someone who doesn’t just resolve conflicts well. They also know how to let things go and when not to take things personally. This is the type of person who will focus on what a person means, not just what they say. You will find that forgiveness is a very valuable but often overlooked trait by professionals.

Diversity Advocate

Celebrating differences and embracing diversity brings new ideas to the workplace, improves your business model, and helps everyone grow as professionals and individuals. Someone who strives to create an inclusive work environment will make your business stronger. Diversity hiring also requires you to be more open to different candidates. Choose people of different genders, age groups, education levels and backgrounds. During interviews, ask about a candidate’s experience working in a diverse environment and their approaches to working with others from different cultural backgrounds.

Embrace their mistakes

Ask a candidate what their biggest job failure is. Listen to how they describe the situation. Do they look angry and blame others, or do they take responsibility for one’s role and recognize their mistakes? More importantly, they must demonstrate that they have embraced their failure and made it an important lesson. This mature mindset allows a manager to continually grow and evolve your business.