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25 business ideas for those with a nursing background

Nursing is a booming field right now. But it’s not all about the number of jobs. If you have the education and experience to work as a nurse, you may also want to consider running your own business. There are many entrepreneurial opportunities where you could use the same skills and knowledge. Here are 25 of the best business opportunities for nurses.

Business ideas for nurses

Home help service

Home health care is a thriving industry. You simply visit patients at home to provide care, rather than working in a hospital or doctor’s office. You would likely have a number of clients that you visit on a regular basis.

Private Nursing Service

A little more in-depth service, working as a private nurse may require you to have fewer clients that you spend more time caring for. You can even work on a contract basis with just one at a time.

Home care for the elderly

A more specialized form of home care, working for the elderly may require you to take care of some basic errands and chores as well as their medical needs.

Palliative care service

Palliative care is normally aimed at improving the comfort of a terminally ill patient. You can work with the family to ensure that their loved one can spend their last days at home and relatively painlessly.

Respite service

As a respite care provider, you would provide short-term services that would give caregivers a chance to rest and recharge, while being confident that their loved one is in good hands.

Child care

Many parents feel more confident in leaving their children in the care of someone with appropriate medical training. So, as a nurse, you could set up your own daycare or simply offer home daycare.

Doulas service

Doulas provide advice and support to mothers throughout the pregnancy and childbirth process. You don’t always need formal nursing training, but it would definitely help prepare you.

Childbirth education service

For a less intensive approach, you can also offer classes or training programs designed to help expectant mothers prepare for childbirth.

Lactation advice

Some new mothers might also use the help of a lactation consultant to help them with the breastfeeding process.

Fertility advice

For those hoping to become parents, you can provide tips and advice to help them overcome certain fertility issues.

Nursing Service Concierge

A nurse concierge is often a private medical service for affluent patients who prefer to pay out of pocket for home visits or for personalized care throughout their particular treatment process.

Patient care advice

You can also offer consultation services to patients who want an independent healthcare professional to help them consider treatment options, navigate insurance issues, or make other important decisions.

Telehealth service

Telehealth is an emerging trend in healthcare. Basically, you would provide consultations and appointments by phone or video chat rather than meeting patients in person.

Nutritional services

As a nurse you should have a good knowledge of nutrition and diet issues. So you can use it to help people make weight loss or health plans. Note that some states may have legal requirements before you can identify yourself as a “registered nutritionist” or “registered dietitian” or certain other professions.

About half of the states do not regulate nutritionists or nutrition advisers. Always check state requirements. lists various state requirements and appears to be reasonably up to date. This is a good place to start.

Well-being coaching

Or you could offer a more general service that includes diets, meal plans, fitness, and general wellness items.

Health Blogs

Instead of working with individual patients, you can share your expertise on a larger scale by writing a health blog.

EBook sales

Another way to share information with lots of potential customers is to write and publish an ebook related to health and wellness yourself.

Public speaking

You could also offer to share your expertise by speaking at public events for other nurses, healthcare professionals, or those just interested in improving their health.

Therapeutic massage

You certainly don’t need a nursing degree to start a massage therapy business. But your experience is probably helping you understand the different parts of the body that may need help.

Alternative medical service

Holistic care and alternative medicine are gaining popularity with many patients. You could therefore offer your expertise to people in these fields.

Mindfulness coaching

Mindfulness in particular is an important concept at this time. This may be relevant for those who have studied mental health in depth.

Supplement delivery service

Supplements are designed to increase the intake of vitamins or nutrients. You can use your medical expertise to create a service designed to help people determine the supplements they need, and then provide them with those specific products.

Sales of medical supplies

As a nurse, you are well equipped to determine what types of products might be in short supply in the medical supplies market. If you notice a gap or insufficient quality in an area, develop a product to meet that need.

Nurse Product sales

You can also consider using your experience to create additional products like scrubs or nursing bags.

Nursing Staffing Agency

You are also well qualified to understand the needs of nurses and medical companies. Use this knowledge to connect workers with job opportunities.