Business goals

Column: Re-evaluate your network to meet your business goals

Mahalo for his support of the Honolulu Star-Advertiser. Take advantage of this free story! Is it time to rethink your network? Are users complaining about network sluggishness, taking forever to open a large email attachment, or being constantly kicked out of apps during peak hours? As corporate networks continue to evolve rapidly, the volume of […]

Business goals

How to Monitor Business Goals with Value Chain Management

Even as organizations and their teams struggle to stay on top of meaningful improvement practices, many are still missing a big piece of the puzzle: linking software initiatives to business results. Optimization of the software system from a technical point of view is a laudable achievement overall, but the benchmarking of its value can be […]

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Dickinson Public Schools Hires New Business Manager – The Dickinson Press

The Dickinson Public School Board voted unanimously to hire Stephanie Hunter as the new business manager for the Dickinson Public School District at a special board meeting Oct. 29. Hunter replaces Kent Anderson, who recently accepted a position at Dickinson State University. She will meet him later this week. Hunter is originally from Colorado and […]

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5 ways to find great business ideas

If you can’t wait to start a business, you’ll need a great idea. Volunteer to find one by incorporating these five methods into your daily life. Ideas worth millions of dollars are constantly being thrashed out by people who think the right way. They do not have special powers; you can replicate their success. 5 […]

Business manager

Meet the Business Director Who’s Preparing NBA Players for Financial Success

Reggie Jackson, Senior Vice President of Capital Advisors, didn’t get into the NBA, so he helps them maintain their wealth. Reggie Jackson Imagine signing a contract for the NBA in your early twenties. You never even had a credit card, and yet here you are doing $7.7 million. Who do you turn to for financial […]