Business ideas

MAHLE opens a start-up area for new business ideas

MAHLE is opening a Start-Up Space in Stuttgart, Germany for its start-ups and teams developing new business concepts in the incubator. Since 2017, the incubator has been an established group-wide program that supports the development of new business ideas and a key part of MAHLE’s innovation strategy. Through this program, which turns promising business proposals […]

Business manager

A good business leader puts others in positions for success

By J. Robert Parksinson Last week, as I was flipping through a book I had written some time ago, I I came across a few essays that I think might be appropriate for this column. “Currencies to manage” is a collection of sayings and comments accompanied by essays developing the ideas or concepts of the […]

Business goals

Mega Hopex Update Focuses On Aligning IT With Business Goals

Major Update to Mega International’s Hopex Enterprise Architecture Tool Aims to Help Customers Better Align IT Resources with Business Goals Through New Business Management Portal and Strategic Planning Module . Mega’s Hopex version 4 adds an IT business management module that can bring together IT portfolio functionality and data and enterprise architecture components in one […]

Business manager

Facebook Business Manager Invitation Scam – One Click and Your Page is Gone Forever

Scammers existed long before the existence of the Internet. At least back then they were bound to scam you face to face. These days, they have the ability to hide behind their screens and conceal their identities. Their ability to work in the shadows combined with the accessibility offered by the internet makes it one […]