Business goals

How Companies Achieve Their Business Goals

You compare company goals / personal goals with climbing to the top. In your opinion, how well can the comparison mainly break down to a business?In my experience, there are some amazing similarities between striving for business success and climbing big mountains. Either way, you challenge yourself to be the best you can be. 1 […]

Business goals

Set Smarter Business Goals Using the 80/20 Rule

Steve Ballmer, a former CEO of Microsoft, once said that 80% of errors and crashes in Microsoft products come from 20% of bugs. The reason is the 80/20 rule. The rule was proposed by an Italian economist, Vilfredo Pareto, in 1895. He called it the Pareto principle. We call this the 80/20 rule. He says […]

Business ideas

Top 5 new business ideas for 2020

With the changing times, the concept of doing business has changed considerably. Many business ideas that were extremely profitable in the 90s are now struggling to exist. Likewise, many of today’s most exciting business opportunities may not have existed ten years ago. Experts suggest that the coming decade will see the emergence and significant growth […]