Business ideas

6 brainstorming techniques for coming up with small business ideas

Brainstorming for a new business can be difficult, but there are ways to let your creativity run free. (Credit: Unsplash) I sat and talked with many women who were tired of their jobs and wanted to get out or had several hobbies they thought they could make money from but couldn’t decide which one to […]

Business ideas

Home Business Ideas – Work From Home

Work from the comfort of your home Nothing beats home, especially when you work there. Research shows that remote workers are more productive and less stressed, making it a very attractive arrangement for any employee. Whether you are self-employed or in a company that allows telecommuting, telecommuting can completely rethink the way you look at […]

Business manager

Facebook gives a new look to ‘Business Manager’ / World of digital information

Facebook is working on several new updates for its Business Manager, making navigation and functionality more convenient for marketers. Facebook also confirmed that they would regularly release similar updates to make the platform more user-friendly. Those familiar with Business Manager will immediately notice a set of new shortcut tools. These tools will provide quick access […]