Business ideas

Examples of online business ideas

You are reading Entrepreneur South Africa, an international Entrepreneur Media franchise. Advances in technology have enabled entrepreneurs to build fully operated businesses in a digital environment, resulting in lower overhead costs and the freedom to run a business on the go. Before starting your business, learn some strategies from these examples of online businesses: Bigstock […]

Business goals

How to match your business goals with the right technology for digital growth

Embracing an all-digital strategy and driving digital growth have dramatically transformed the measurement of business success over the past decade. The way organizations hire new people and the budget they set aside for their technology expenses are some of the areas that have seen the most change. This not only affected native digital industries like […]

Business goals

Align compliance goals with business goals

A little over a year ago, the pressure to meet the requirements of certain articles of the European Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), often with a patchwork of specialized solutions, has shaped the misperception of some companies that GDPR compliance is just a hurdle to overcome. Now that the deadline has passed, many […]