Business goals

10 Steps to Setting New Business Goals for the New Year

Create your 2018 success plan with these 10 business goals


I set goals for my business so that I can stay focused and motivated on my life journey to success. Whether it’s my continuing education, my spirituality, my career or my finances, my well-designed goals push me further.

Business goals are essential because they provide a sense of accomplishment and purpose. Setting a specific period of time to achieve our goals allows us to achieve them over time as we build momentum.

This type of motivation helps us develop and strengthen weekly areas of our systems. As we achieve each goal, big or small, we can experience a sense of pride and happiness that lifts us up for the year ahead.

Are you motivated when it comes to taking action to achieve business goals?

The very first thing to do before the end of this month is to write a clear action plan. This will allow you to determine all the tasks necessary to get you started on the right track – the easy tasks will help you build your confidence and momentum.

Use vision boards with vivid images of your goal or create a timeline that will help you stay on track. I always enjoy posting notes and photos at home, at work, and on my computer to remind me of what I need to accomplish each day. The bottom line is that for your business to be successful, you need to find the right planning method and the right inspiration for you.

“Create a vision of life you really want, then work tirelessly to make it a reality. “
Roy T. Bennett

Here are ten thoughts you can use to put your vision into action:

1 – What goals do you currently have for your business and your life?

Take a look at what you plotted last year and what you would like to change or add for the new year. It doesn’t matter if you were able to finish what you set out to do, just wait until what you can finish and what worked and what didn’t. Plans can always change, especially as your business grows and nothing is set in stone. Instead, think of it as a benchmark for where you want to go.

2 – How do your goals motivate you?

Make sure that what you desire motivates you and / or your team for the future. It will help you overcome any weak points and give you a purpose when you are passionate about what you are doing. Routines and systems can get stale and rigid – add something new and creative to your outlook.

3 – Have you drawn up an action plan?

Determine all the tasks needed, then start right away with easy tasks to build confidence and momentum. Realize that challenges will inevitably arise – proactively prepare for them so you can take them on board when they arise. When you find that your motivation is waning, you can rekindle your passion with practical tools.

4 – What tools work best to stay focused on achieving your goals?

These can be both personal and practical, like online resources. Personally, I regularly repeat positive affirmations to stay focused on achieving my goals. With affirmations, I can stop negative thoughts early on. They never even have a chance! Other times I will use a mobile app to help me stay focused on the task, especially when it comes to budgeting and project management.

5 – What goals have you set for yourself?

Not only do we need to have a business plan drawn up month by month and for the year, but it is just as important to have personal goals in place. Find out what talents and abilities you can build on with realistic expectations based on your current workload. Being aware of what you are capable of as well as your goals helps you stay focused and positive.

6 – What training or skills do you need to achieve your business goals?

Make it a point of honor to increase your knowledge, discover new talents and develop new skills to allow you to live the life of your dreams. For example, my strategy for success starts with a dream. Then I think about it to figure out what I need to do to be able to live this vision. What additional training do you need to live the life of your dreams? What talents and skills would enhance this trip?

7 – Are there any courses or seminars that you can take advantage of to develop your skills?

The time and money spent on investing in yourself is well spent. They say “luck is when preparation meets opportunity!” When you prepare with education and training, you may happily find “luck” on the road to achieving your goals. There are plenty of free online educational resources available today, along with helpful webinars, podcasts, and live videos that can help you further enrich your life.

8 – How to work faster to achieve your goals?

Perhaps you have discovered that your business is not progressing as you planned. The best way to speed up the process is to set realistic, small goals that you can achieve. This will give you an overview of areas that can be outsourced and unnecessary tasks for your current plan.

9 – What to do to keep the objectives in perspective?

When your mindset is one of success, you can achieve whatever goals you set for yourself because you know you have the capacity and the dedication to do it. Things aren’t always perfect, but the key is to keep working on them until they become what you want them to be. Refuse to give up or quit, instead focus on the good things like success, peace, and joy.

10 – Why is it so important to set yourself and work towards goals?

As the saying goes, you reap what you sow, so why not sow joy, success and strength? Always remember that your goals are close at hand. Every day, see them come closer. It’s only a matter of time before you reach your goals while continuing to work and persevere.

As we strive to meet our business goals in this New Year, as well as setting new ones, we’ll always have something worth working for.

Our goals help us take charge of our businesses and our lives. Decide to do things that matter by helping others grow stronger and reach their goals. As you see improvement, it will help you be more successful.

Stay confident that your business goals are within reach and every step you take is a forward movement to achieve these great results.